Black pepper is one of the most used spices in the world, besides flavoring it has numerous health benefits. As it turns out, there are also many benefits of black pepper essential oil. In some cases black pepper is very similar to the ethereal oil made from it, in other cases those two substances are surprisingly different. Let's start by discussing some of the most important information regarding the volatile oil made of black pepper.


Black pepper essential oil

Pepper is used since prehistoric times, introduced by South East Asia people[2990]. It was used to treat many diseases and conditions such as malaria, cholera or digestive issues (e.g. diarrhea). Black pepper ethereal oil is extracted from the black pepper plant (also known as Piper nigrum). The oil is extracted from unripe red fruit of the plant. It has a very strong and spicy smell, which can remind you of clove oil. Black pepper essential oil is extracted using steam distillation.


Black pepper essential oil benefits and uses


In case you didn't know what aromatherapy is – it's, according to Wikipedia[2989], a form of alternative medicine that uses aromatic compounds (essential oils in particular) to change person's mind, mood or health. Black pepper essential oil offers a few benefits when it comes to aromatherapy:

Stomach pains

If you suffer from stomach pains, food poisoning or any other digestive problem, you can blend black pepper ethereal oil with a carrier oil (e.g. olive oil or jojoba oil) and rub the mixture into your stomach.When massaging this part of your body please remember that you should massage in a clockwise motion. Both the massage and the black pepper essential oil should relieve your previously mentioned stomach problems. This volatile oil also helps remove gasses and suppresses their formation in the intestines and in the stomach.


Muscle pains and stiffness

If you work out (even only once in a while), you certainly know what does it mean to suffer from muscle aches. Sometimes the muscles hurt as hell and it seems like you can't even move them. That's the moment when black pepper essential oil comes handy. When your muscles hurt, that means that you have lactic acid build up in your muscles. In order to relieve the pain, those toxins need to be released into the blood stream, where they can be neutralized. Black pepper oil aids that process. You just need to massage this oil (mixed with a carrier oil of course) into the muscles that cause you the pain.


Increased circulation

Black pepper stimulates blood circulation. Essential oil made from this plant has similar properties. Because of that it's considered a hot oil. To increase blood circulation you can use it in blended massage oil or dilute it in bath. Increased blood circulation aids in getting rid of muscle pains, as I've mentioned earlier. It also helps in stagnant conditions such as rheumatism or arthritis. If you suffer from cold feet or hands, this oil should bring warmth to them. Black pepper volatile oil can used as aphrodisiac, similarly as black pepper itself.


Minor health issues

When it gets cold outside, black pepper essential oil (which has antiseptic properties) should be much of a help to you. If you suffer from nasal congestion or coughs, it's time to give this ethereal oil a try. If you get the chills from the flu, black pepper oil should help you either. In case of a runny nose or coughs you can dilute a few drops of the oil in hot water and inhale the vapor. In case of chills it's probably better to rub black pepper oil mixed with a carrier oil into your body. Because of anti-inflammatory properties of this oil, you can also use it to cure any ailments of gums and teeth.


Increases alertness

Black pepper volatile oil can be used in vapor therapy to stimulate awareness, attention and concentration. It also reduces the tension and stress. These properties can be especially useful if you've got a lot of tasks to accomplish and have to remain concentrated until you're done with them. In case you were wondering – black pepper essential oil doesn't smell like black pepper. It has a pretty soft, woody aroma.


Disinfects the body

Black pepper ethereal oil, when consumed, stimulates both urination and sweating. Those processes are very important when it comes to removing toxins from the body. Increased sweating should also help you with clearing pores in skin. The mentioned properties help you with loosing extra water and some fat, which causes blood pressure to lower.


Antioxidant properties

Black pepper essential oil has antioxidant properties. In case you didn't know – antioxidants inhibit oxidation of other molecules. Some oxidation reactions produce free radicals [2988] which cause damage to our cells. Antioxidants can be found in many dietary supplements.


Cautions for using black pepper essential oil

This volatile oil is pretty powerful – you should use it only in small amounts. Overuse of this oil over-stimulates the kidneys. That might result in kidney irritation or even kidney damage. Black pepper essential oil (especially consuming it or rubbing it into the skin) should be avoided in pregnancy. That's because there is a lack of information about the safety of using black pepper in medicinal amounts during pregnancy [2987]]. If you'll notice any side effects or adverse symptoms of using black pepper essential oil, you should consult a doctor.



As you can see, black pepper essential oil has numerous applications. It's widely used in aromatherapy. If you suffer from respiratory problems or you're in need of concentration, you just need to inhale vapor made of this oil mixed with hot water. If you suffer from stomach or muscle pains, you can blend this oil with a carrier oil and apply the substance directly where it hurts. There are also some other uses besides aromatherapy – if you need to quickly remove toxins from your body, flavoring your food with a couple of black ethereal essential oil drops is a great idea. As you can see, there are many benefits of black pepper essential oil.