If you're looking for cheap black desks under a $100 dollars, then you'll find what exactly what you need for your home. If white desks aren't your cup of tea, then most home owners turn to the color back, which might provide a little flavor to your office room. Regular compact black, corner, and black glass computer desks are all available under a $100 dollars online. A good one will allow you to get some work done alone. Most of these desks come with shelves that can also store away books, office documents, and keyboard trays that can be used for the home computer. Take a look at what's available online for home use.

Black Desks Under 100 Dollars

The South Shore Black Finish Compact Student can be used as your home office, homework, or as a computer desk. It features a computer keyboard shelf. It can store quite a bit with its wide shelving space. It features one drawer shelf, two open shelves, and a hutch below the keyboard shelf. It's not too big and shouldn't take up very much space in your home. Although it was built for students, this can clearly be used for the office or as your home computer desk. It's a environmentally preferred product. It also features safety stops as well. The prices for the South Shore usually go for around $100 dollars online at amazon. Free shipping and no tax is included.

South Shore Furniture Axess Small Desk, Black Finish 7270076
Amazon Price: $189.59 $79.50 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 16, 2013)

The Prepac Sonoma Computer Desk is going for sale online at a few different online stores for a pretty reasonable price. These are pretty nice because they offer a lot of shelving that can be used for storing everything you need for work. A pullout keyboard tray is featured. Two open shelves are featured on the side. One of the cooler features. This is a very nice and simple modern desk to purchase. The downside is that it doesn't feature caster wheels. It's not too heavy, though. It only weighs 94 pounds. It's not that big. Dimensions are 31.75"W x 44.25"H x 16"D.

Prepac Sonoma Black 2 Piece Home Office Desk
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(price as of Jul 16, 2013)

Black Corner Computer Desks Under 100 Dollars

Online at staples you can purchase the staples corner computer desk going for really great prices at just $69.99. It's not a completely black. It features a black desk top with a cherry finish on the body of the desk. A very small black corner computer desk to purchase. It's a really nice modern black desk that will easily fit in and compliment your home's style. It features a computer tray and two open shelves. You can store your computer, lamp, and other work accessories on this black desk.

The River Ridge Black Corner Desk with a Monitor Shelf is going for really cheap prices. It's a very small and compact in size. It won't store very much, but if you're just looking for a cheap black corner computer desk that doesn't take up much room, then its not a bad product. It comes with a shelf down below and a keyboard tray, along with small screen monitor trays. It is made with a black vinyl veneer and mental tubes. I think this is one of the best space savers for the money to find online.

TMS Corner Desk, Black
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(price as of Jul 16, 2013)

Black Glass Computer Desks Under 100 Dollars

Black glass home desks are the most popular types to purchase online. They're often more expensive as well. Glass tends to show off more of decorative style to your home. I wouldn't recommended purchasing furniture is you have youger kids. Glass can easily break, scratch, and damage. The Innovex featuring glass can be bought under a $100 dollars online at qualitycomputerdesks.com. Features include a ergonomic design, printer and computer shelves, casters, and a slide out keyboard tray to use.

Innovex Glass TV Stand, Black
Amazon Price: $159.99 $100.00 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 16, 2013)

Black Glass Computer Desks Under 100 Dollars

The RTA Home and Office Utility Stand Black Glass Desk doesn't have any shelves or keyboard trays. It's just a very simple home or office black stand  to purchase online for under a $100 dollars. You can purchase these online at amazon for great prices.