In the United States, the engagement ring is a huge part of a wedding engagement. The love between the two people involved and the promise of marrying are obviously the most important aspects, but the engagement ring nevertheless symbolizes all of this. So if you are planning to propose, you are likely in need of a ring. Everyone knows that purchasing an engagement ring can be a challenging task, but it doesn’t have to be if you know what kind of ring would best suit your fiancée. For example, if you are looking for something truly unique, why not go for a black diamond engagement ring?

Black Diamond Engagement Sex and the CityBlack diamond engagement rings are certainly not for everybody— especially not a person who likes to stick with tradition— but the rings themselves can be very beautiful, and there is no doubt that the person wearing one will be noticed for their fun, mysterious and eye-catching piece. Black diamond engagement rings have been slowly rising in popularity since around 1996. More recently, sales of these rings began to rise more steeply after Sarah Jessica Parker’s famous character of Carrie Bradshaw was seen wearing a stunning 5-carat black diamond ring in 2010’s Sex and the City 2 movie. Nevertheless, black diamond engagement rings are still not widely seen in everyday life (so don’t worry, your future fiancée will definitely have a ring like no other).

Black Diamond Engagement Rings MeaningAs mentioned above, black diamond engagement rings began their rise in popularity in 1996. This is because it was during this time that a Swiss jeweler named Fawaz Gruosi launched a highly successful collection of jewelry that included a variety of pieces set with black diamonds. Naturally, engagement ring designers began taking the initiative to start creating engagement rings with such stones, and gradually they have spread to jewelry stores across the United States, including well-known ones like Kay Jewelers, Zales and even Tiffany’s.

Engagement rings and rings in general have also become more popular in recent years among men. Some jewelers are even beginning to stock engagement and wedding rings for men (albeit in different styles), and the popularity of black diamonds has result in the occasional black diamond engagement ring for men. These can be purchased at usually the same places that black diamond engagement rings for women are supplied, though you may have to be more specific when asking for them. Some may even need to be ordered or designed specially.

Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Now, you may be wondering by this point whether black diamonds have any specific meaning or symbolism. Just as rubies symbolize love and traditional light-colored diamonds symbolize youth and innocence, black diamonds too have their meaning. However, the meaning is associated more with the color rather than the actual stone type. Although the color black can mean many things, black engagement rings’ meaning is generally accepted to symbolize power, strength and even authority. Many associate this with the strength of the relationship between two people.

That being said, the stones in black diamond engagement rings themselves are not technically black. Rather, black diamonds contain numerous dark inclusions and impurities evenly distributed throughout the diamond that give them their dark appearance. In fact, it is interesting to note that diamonds can occur naturally in nearly any color aside from pure black, though despite common belief that most diamonds come in a clear, white or silver color (as these are most commonly used in jewelry), the most common colors by far are yellow and brown. In fact, some browns are so dark that they may be mistaken for black. For those that are considered black, there are different shades. For example, some black engagement rings may appear more gray than black. It really all depends on a person’s personal preferences when it comes to selecting the stone’s color.

When you do go to view the black diamond engagement ring selection at Tiffany’s or Zales (or any other jeweler of your preference), you will be able to see these differences in shades and style. Be aware that stones also look different depending on the type of band they are attached to, and you will also be able to compare bands when you view displays. A diamond will reflect differently when set on a gold-colored band as it will when set on a sterling silver or platinum one. If you want a black diamond engagement ring that is all black, you can also look into getting the stone set on a black titanium band (as a bonus, titanium is actually cheaper on average than other metals). Remember, you can also look at the different stone and band options through online catalogs, but it is always best to view the materials in person before making a final purchase.

If you do go through online catalogs and ring vendors, you should be sure to check out Liori Diamonds. This jewelry company specializes in unique diamond rings, and in fact has a very wide selection of black diamond engagement rings. Liori also stocks vintage rings, and although you’ll be hard pressed to find a black diamond vintage ring because they only became widely used in the late 90s, you may find some inspiration for a custom-made rings among their vintage ring selection.

Speaking of custom-made rings, if you don’t find something you like from jeweler display cases or catalogs, custom-made black diamond engagement rings are another option. These specially made rings usually cost more, but many people like the fact that they are truly one-of-a-kind and unlike any other ring.

While many things determine an engagement ring’s price, the main ones are the size and carat of the diamond (or diamonds) and the type of metal used in the band. For example, titanium is the cheapest metal used, though it is surprisingly the most durable. As for black diamonds, most of them have been specially treated for improved durability, and it is wise to opt for this. Fortunately, irradiated or heat treated black diamonds usually cost substantially less than untreated or colorless diamonds.