November 27th, 2009 will officially mark the craziest and most exciting shopping holiday of the Christmas season, Black Friday 2009! This day is when many avid shoppers look to purchase gifts for those on their Christmas or other holiday lists. It appears once again that many deal-hungry 2009 consumers will be lured into various stores with some of the sweetest looking deals yet on everything from toys to clothing to electronics and computer equipment.

Usually, some great deals can be found on Black Friday, but it involves getting up extremely early. Many stores open as early as 5 AM in the morning! Make sure to get to sleep early on Thanksgiving night, if at all possible. You probably want to check out the retail stores sales advertisements either online or from the newspaper, and create a planned route as well as lists of what to buy. Or circle and check off the items you're interested in from the actual sales papers, and then bring them with you. This will make your shopping trip less of a frenzied experience, and give you a good guideline to help you find all the sales items you want to buy. It's also a good idea to know your budget too. Last thing you want is to run up your credit cards or overdraw on your bank account.

Another important tip might be to bring a cooler with drinks, snacks and a meal. If you're going to be camping out in line, or driving around for most of the day, you may want to save money. This idea will make sure you stay nourished and hydrated, plus it will help you avoid the craze of fast food joints or restaurants. These establishments are likely to fill up with other shoppers, and you could face a long wait before you get a table or food served. Bottled water, sandwiches, fruit and other snacks will be greatly appreciated by you and your shopping group. Bring along your cell phone and an mp3 player for entertainment should you get stuck in parking lot traffic or standing in line at the store!

So are you ready for Black Friday 2009? It's going to be crazy, but many of the deals require you to buy the item at the store in person. The low prices and rock bottom deals might be well worth it though. If not Black Friday, you can always do your shopping from the comfort of home for "Cyber Monday" on November 30th. Otherwise, bring a friend or two, some food, your cell phone, iPod and shopping list to arrive early for the in-store deals! Some of the 2009 retailers who are already displaying their deals online include Target, Lowes, Kmart, Kohls, Home Depot and Staples. Both Best Buy and Walmart have unveiled early bird sales on the weekends prior to the Black Friday shopping day. November 27th is approaching fast, so make sure you're prepared to get out and get shopping!