If you're wondering how was I able to get a hold of the paper advertisement for Target stores, it's from subscribing to Black Friday Ads mailing list. They scanned all 17 pages of the ads for potential Target customers to see what will be on sale the day after Thanksgiving.

Target stores will be open to the public the day after Thanksgiving at 4 am. For only six hours 4 am to 10 am, they will give away $10 gift cards to their stores to everyone who has purchased $100 or more in the store. There is a limit of one giveaway for each paying customers.


I shall start advertising a product that will bring you a $50.00 Target gift card. All you have to do is purchase a 4GB Xbox 360 Console that comes with Internal Wi-Fi and one wireless controller. All those components together cost $199.99.

Video Games for the Xbox

As for video games to purchase to play on the Xbox, they will be selling Halo: Reach and Fable III for a sales price of $35.00 each. Both of them are rated M. The quantities for both are limited, and they will not offer rain checks.

Assassins Creed Brotherhood will be sold for $59.99. It is rated M. Dance Central is rated T, and it will be sold for $49.99. You will get a $10.00 gift card if you buy any of those two video games. I presume if you buy both, then you'll get two $10.00 gift cards.

Game Controllers

There is a door buster price for three different game controllers. They are PS3 dual-shock, Xbox 360, or Wii Remote Plus with FlingSmash game. The regular prices for them range from $49.99 to $54.99. They will be priced at $39, and so you will save over $10.00 if you buy any of those three controllers.

DVDs of Television Shows

For the last four Black Fridays, I've bought House, MD DVDs of the season that is on sale. Thus, I have the DVDs for season one to four. The regular price is astronomical at around $40.00. I believe I have always bought one at $12.00. The advertisement doesn't show the DVDs for the fifth season of House, MD will be on sale. Although it does shows DVDs for The Vampire Diaries (season 1), The Big Bang Theory (seasons 1 to 3), The Simpsons (seasons 6 to 12, & 20), and The Office (seasons 2 to 5) will be on sale for $12.99 each. There are other DVDs of television shows being priced at $9.99 each. They are Sex and the City (seasons 1 to 6), Weeds (seasons 1 to 5), Friends (seasons 1 to 10), and The Simpsons (seasons 1 to 5).

Christmas Decorations

A 6-foot Colorado Fir artificial Christmas tree will be on sale at Target for half of its regular price, $60.00. It will be available with clear or multicolor lights. Moreover, itt certainly makes sense for the company to have Christmas lights on sale that go along with the artifical tree. They have a 300-count Philips C6 Multicolor LED Lights on sale that is also half off.

Holiday Fire

If you live in an area of the globe that usually gets cold during Christmas season, you could buy a 26" fire bowl to keep you warm and fuzzy. The holiday price for it at Target will be $29.99. You will save $30. You could choose between a trinity fire bowl and a stainless steel fire bowl to buy.

Kitchen Hardware

Wow. Target will have three Chefmate appliances on sale for only $3.00 each. They are all colored white. They will have two-slice toasters, five-speed electric hand mixers, and two-slice sandwich makers on stock ready to be sold at very low price. Note that each person can only buy six of these at a time.

There will be another kitchenware on sale that seems to me more appropriate to buy. The reason is because people usually bake sweet desserts for Christmas and show their creativity. There really isn't much to experiment with designs of sandwiches and ingredients being stirred in hand mixers. Therefore, if anyone is looking to buy new baking products to work with, a KitchenAid ultra stand mixer will be available to buy for only $199.00. A picture of it shows it being red. The item is also manufactured in gray color. The size of the bowl is 4.5 quart. The mixer uses 300 watts when it is being used..

How about getting a food and drink maker? It will be marked for only $28.00. It has a humorous name brand - Ninja. The full name of the product is Ninja Master Prep.

You could save 50% off plastic containers that can be used to store Christmas food. You would need to buy the whole 17-piece Pyrex Set for $19.99. You cannot just buy one or two containers. They are transparent and the covers are all colored blue with a bit of shading on them.


If you do end up go to a Target store for whatever reason, I hope you will have a nice experience to share. Going there to do some walking would definitely be a good idea. I think it is also important to consider how many shoppers you think will be there before you go. I've always enjoy shopping at Target for a long time.