Black Friday is an amazing day for many reasons. One of the biggest reason is big retail business give HUGE discounts on clothing, electronics, and many other things. But it gets violent and crazy.

4 Years ago there was a shooting in a crowded Toys "R" Us. 2 woman were involved in a fight and the men got involved. One of them got a gun out halfway but didn't take it out fully. The other man had seen him take the gun out and he pulled his gun. The other man started to run, but was blocked by the appalled crowd. They both pulled the trigger and died.

 3 years ago in New York city a security guard in Wal-Mart got stamped to death by eager shoppers. In my personally opinion of his death is that it could've been avoided in many ways. Wal-Mart should have doubled up on their security, I mean this is the biggest sale of the YEAR, how can you not take precautions? 

When people ask "what are you doing for black Friday?" It kind tells me that all the want to do is just buy couple of things, but why make such a big deal about it? this year Wal-Mart will be selling a xbox 360 4GB model with Kinect for 199.96$ and TV sets for 99$. Iv seen these prices before, Ebay has these same prices everyday. 

I was reading an article on the washington post ( during black Friday many credit card frauds can happen. "Your credit card companies have an algorithm in place to detect fraud based on what works for you and how you shop. They look for unusual patterns, so they know if they need to touch base and make sure there’s no fraud. But they have to edit those algorithms during the holiday season because otherwise everything would grind to a halt. You may buy two or three iPods for gifts, or an iPad — purchases that would normally trigger these things. But at the holiday season, big purchases aren’t unusual. People are buying electronics, plasma TVs, gift cards...and criminals know that. They know that this is their best chance to go undetected, take your information and mon­etize it."- LifeLock chairman and CEO Todd Davis

I don't have any credit cards but, this opened up a new world to me. The day where we buy things, criminals steal those things. No matter how low of a price, they can't beat free.