One of the most popular products to buy during the holidays is some type of computer or electronic item. This should not be much of a surprise since just about the whole industrialized world is crazy for computers nowadays. But it isn’t just their raw popularity that makes them a sure-fire buy for the holidays.

It’s a fact that Black Friday computer deals are likely to be some of the best you’ll see on big-ticket items all year. These almost too-good-to-be-true deals are known as “doorbusters.” Identify “doorbusters.”

As with all shopping adventures, you should have a list of all the people you’re shopping for and some ideas about what to get for them. When it comes to “doorbusters” you need to have a separate list. This is because even if a certain “doorbuster” isn’t on your list of gifts, you may want to take advantage of its low price anyhow.

For example, if you see a 50 inch flatscreen TV available for $200 (and even on Black Friday, this is pretty unlikely) you should buy it no matter what. So take the time to write down items you would like to have as “doorbusters” and look for any advertised sales that would qualify as such.

Find out where these items are and check out the websites for the participating stores. It is a good idea to check all the big tech stores to see what kind of Black Friday computer deals they are offering.

Check for conditions. This is an important, and too often overlooked, step. When you have identified Black Friday computer deals or other “doorbusters” take some time to evaluate the conditions of the sale. There are often qualifying characteristics of the sales that can limit their value.

For example, there may be new iPhones on sale at 80% off the original price, but the sale is only in play for the first 30 customers to enter the store. This means that unless you are one of the people who gets to the store at 3 or 4 in the morning, you have zero chance of taking advantage of this sale. In fact, the sale might as well not exist, as far as you’re concerned.

If you do go at 4 AM, there is still no guarantee that you will be there early enough. Instead of falling for these retailer tactics, research your “doorbusters” and read the small print. Look for alternatives.

After you’ve read the small print you will know if you have to find a better deal someplace else. Many Black Friday computer deals actually begin way before Friday. In fact, it has become more common for stores to have “Christmas in July” type promotions for Black Friday.

One of the best times to buy a big-ticket computer item is through Black Friday computer deals. But that doesn’t mean you should just rush into it headlong. Take some time to make a list, and do your research. You will be happy you did.