More important than ever finding a good deal may make the difference between a good Christmas and a great Christmas. Black Friday deals are expected to be intensely sought after this year. Everyone is search the sales ads and internet to see where they can save the most. Just remember that if you can't get everything on your list there is always Cyber Monday to save the day. The best way to stack up on the savings is to go to different stores in large numbers, and by all means get there early.

Best Buy Doorbuster deals item tickets will be passed out a 3:00am and the doors open at 5:00, so it is imperative to be there early. They have over 150 items to save on with as much as a $1,000 saving on their items. A lot of their items will sell out quickly so keep this in mind if you are dead set on getting your electronics there.

Target Black Friday sales begin at 4:00 and they have many items over 50% off. They have a huge selection of DVD, some of which are only $1.99. If you can find a Target next to a Best Buy, then you could get your Doorbuster item tickets at 3:00 and hit Target at 4:00. This way you could be back at Best Buy by 5:00. Like I said you need a lot of people shopping with you and for you to get the best savings.

GameStop door opens at 5:00am and they are throwing in free games with the purchase of the xbox360 4GB( 1 game) and PS3160GB(3 games). They guarantee a lot of their games to be in stock on Black Friday. So check out their ads to make sure the one you want is listed under the guaranteed games.

Wal-Mart has sweet deals starting at 5:00 to 11:00. Then a new set of deals begins after 11:00, and this continues on until Sat. The e-machine laptops there are an incredible deal, and people can't be standing there with them already in their carts. I have seen sales at Wal-Mart where people have been in the store all night and their carts already loaded down with everything gone before the sale even starts. So shop smart.

K-Mart like Wal-Mart deals are between 5:00am and 11:00am. They have many get deals on bedding at $28 and pajamas for $5. Their Android Tablet is marked $40 off. Their Magellan RoadMate is only$79.99, and they have TV's marked at over $100.00 off. Lots of deal here and they are calling it Blue Friday.

Toys"R"Us Doorbuster sale start at 10:00pm on Thursday night and continues on until 1:00pm Fri. All other deep discount runs through until Saturday. I would go here first, and get the little ones gift first. That way Friday is wide open.

Sears has over 599 Doorbusters to choose from that runs from 4 until noon. JCPenny's sale starts at 4am and runs until 1pm with over 300 selections with an assortment of kitchen electronics for under $10.00 and women's boots under $30.00. Lowe's sales run for 4 days, and they have some fantastic deals for the man in your life. Don't forget the online places either. Amazon is advertising Black Friday deals everyday this week. Don't forget about Overstock either. Some of the retailers listed above are having Black Friday Deals online as well. Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas.