Traditionally the Christmas holiday shopping season officially kicks off on the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday. But with the ever-rising comfort level that people have with Internet shopping, that has changed a bit. Although there are still more bricks and mortar sales available than there are Black Friday Internet sales, things are definitely starting to move, albeit slowly.

It is easier every year to find great sales that are offered only on the Internet. If you are a regular Internet shopper you are probably aware of this; if you’ve never made a single online purchase now is the time to start.

This article will help to get you started in the world of Internet shopping. Shopping Tutorials. It may seem strange, almost insulting, even, to take a tutorial on how to shop. Most people know quite a bit about shopping, and homemakers are, by definition, professionals at it. Still, there are new tricks springing up on the Internet all the time, all of them designed to separate you from your money.

There are quite a few websites dedicated to fighting these scammers. If you are relatively new to online shopping, and even if you are a veteran, it may be useful to take a few moments to read up on the latest tricks and schemes that people are using to take advantage of honest shoppers. And not all of these tricks are illegal. Much like the credit card companies have shown, tactics can be legal and still sneaky. Knowledge is power.

Visit Sites. Spend some time visiting the sites that you hope to purchase from. Familiarizing yourself with their offerings and prices before the sales kick in will provide you with a baseline by which to judge them.

You can also sign up for their email newsletters and news alerts, so that when the sales do become active you will be among the first to know. There are also numerous sites which aggregate information about Black Friday Internet sales for your convenience. These site will have information from a number of different retailer sites, and can often provide information about sales that hasn’t yet been released to the general public.

This heads-up can be the difference to you between getting a deep discount on a big-ticket item and going into the holidays empty-handed. Night Owl Specials. These are the Internet equivalent to early bird specials. They are announced on websites, usually on Thanksgiving night, but sometimes even before that.

Whenever they are released it will be in the wee hours, and they will be limited run sales. That means that, just like a “doorstopper,” you will have to lose some sleep in order to take action on them. If you have only recently begun to buy things online or if you are an old pro, there are a few risks and many advantageous to be had in cyberspace. If you take heed to the preceding tips you will be able to score big with Black Friday Internet sales.