The Internet is full of awesome specials that can help you not only score great and inexpensive presents during the holiday season but also set yourself up with long-lasting deals.

Integrating your use of the Internet into your holiday shopping plans can be a time- and cost-effective way to multi-task. Black Friday Internet specials are becoming more prevalent every year, and the earlier you start to search them out, the better the chances of your profiting from them.

This article will list three ways that you can profit from these specials. Price Alerts. This is truly one of the revolutionary aspects of using the Internet to find specials. If you sign up for a price alerts service you can get all kinds of data concerning the prices of products that you plan to buy.

Generally, you sign up and indicate that you’re interested in certain products. The website then finds all other instances of these products at different stores and websites, and then returns that data to you, just as any comparison shopping service would do.

The bonus is that whenever the price or terms of purchase change, you will be alerted. For example, let’s say you have an alert on a chair. It will sell for $50 provided you buy it by 6 PM on Black Friday.

On Thanksgiving day, however, you get an alert that says the same chair is available at a different store, and that if you buy it by 7 AM on Black Friday you can get it for $35. This simple free service has just saved you some money. Think outside the Box.

Since you can buy nearly anything on the web, it stands to reason that Black Friday Internet sales effect nearly every product. If you think outside the norms of holiday shopping, you can get some great deals on nonstandard items.

Web-based banks have begun offering special incentives for people who sign up with them as part of their Black Friday campaigns. While you may already have a bank you are happy with, maybe this is a good way to get your children involved with their finances.

Similar deals exist with insurance companies, travel agents, and car sellers. Taking advantage of these nonstandard opportunities can yield big dividends down the road. Cyber Monday. The emphasis is usually on Black Friday, and rightly so, but we can’t talk about the Internet without mentioning Cyber Monday.

This is the Monday after the Thanksgiving weekend when retailers will try to push out some more of their inventory. The deals generally aren’t as good as with Black Friday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t score some big wins.

As the name indicates, many of the deals will be online-only, so be sure to scour the sites of your favorite stores. Black Friday Internet specials are now firmly entrenched in the holiday shopping culture. If you want to truly maximize your shopping experience and save a ton of money in the process, follow these tips and attack the Internet.