Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. This may be true, but then where do Black Friday jewelry sales rank on the friendship scale? I’d say that chances are they rank pretty high, and after reading this article they will hopefully rise a bit in stature.

Jewelry, unlike some other big-ticket items, doesn’t get a lot of press during the holiday shopping season. You usually don’t hear about people standing out in line starting at 4 AM so that they can buy a diamond necklace.

And yet there are multiple chances for you to take advantage of the same type of “doorstopper” level deals that you hear about at Best Buy and Wal-mart. Pre-identify pieces.

One of the keys to effectively profiting from Black Friday jewelry sales is to do some looking around beforehand and find pieces that you want to buy. Make a list of five to ten pieces that you would be happy owning, and prioritize your list.

Then take some time to think about how much you would be willing to spend on each item. For example, a pair of diamond earrings for your daughter’s graduation might be a more worthwhile purchase than a gold band for your sister.

Find the sales. Armed with your prioritized list of items you can now head off into the streets and to cyberspace in search of Black Friday jewelry sales. Make your search as exhaustive as you can afford.

Retailers like Amazon offer a surprisingly large selection of jewelry that you can purchase online. Of course, the big-name stores are essential stops on your hunt, but don’t forget about the smaller boutique shops as well.

For them to compete with the big boys they may offer some great deals. The key is to cast your net far and wide. Talk to the clerks and managers. At boutique shops, they may be able to meet you halfway if you come to them with a deal you saw at another store.

Pre-order. While there are likely to be some “doorstoppers” at the jewelry stores, chances are, if you are into getting up at 4 AM to go shopping, you will be at some other location trying to get a $200 MacBook.

If this is the case, try to pre-order your jewelry and then pick it up after the initial crush of shoppers has abated. Numerous stores, such as JC Penny, offer this service. It greatly simplifies the shopping experience and takes a lot of the anxiety out of the situation.

Remember, though, that not all items will be available for pre-ordering. This is where your list comes in to play. If the fifth item on your list is pre-orderable it may make sense to go with that one, instead of rushing to stores early in the morning for the number one item.

If you follow these tips you will close out your Black Friday jewelry sales with a lot of new bling to dazzle and impress your family.