This year the 2010 black Friday sales on plasma TV will be one of the more popular items around. Electronics stores will be targeting Christmas shoppers with a variety of black Friday deals and steals in attempts to lure shoppers into their stores and large screen plasma TVs are likely to be a loss leader for the electronics stores.

In typically retail environments stores looking to capture a larger portion of customers and sales will sell a certain product at a loss just to get an increase of traffic to their store and realize an overall increase in revenue and profits when those shoppers buy other items – the trick to using this strategy for sales blitzs however is to use a product which is very flashy and highly coveted. It should also be a product that draws attention and large screen TVs still draw in the eyeballs.

Some of the major electronics retailers such as Best Buy and Circuit City will be some of the best places for shoppers to find the best products on black Friday clearance. These stores tend to carry the best products and they often have various levels of Christmas shopper specials for both the low end and the high end.

A discount retailer like a Wal-Mart or a Target may only target the cheap side of the sales market. They may offer cheap Christmas sales of discount flat panel LCD TVs but they may not have the best models for sale. A higher end electronics store however will have some of the best products on the market this year including plasma TVs like the Panasonic Plasma Viera 50 which is one of the best consumer Plasma TVs for sale this Christmas. There are other Plasma TVs which can be found which are both larger or smaller but 50 inches tends to be an excellent balance between size and functionality.

Another reason why Plasma TVs will be hot this black Friday is because the over all prices of plasma TVs have been coming down and they are getting to a price point that is more in tune with the financial means of many families. Also large screen plasma televisions have historically been big energy users however many of the more modern versions are more energy efficient which can help families afford to power them through the year.

As always, faring well in the black Friday morning sales is a matter of getting to the store early and in some cases the night before the sale starts. If the sale starts at 6am in the morning and the early Christmas sale is good enough then it is not uncommon to see people lining up hours before the store opens and in some cases as early as Thursday night, the night after Thanksgiving.

You will of course have to scout the major electronics stores in your area if you are looking for a special deal on a specific type of plasma TV. Each store is likely to have different loss leaders targeted for heavy discount and you can only stand in one line leading up to black Friday. If the local Best Buys in your region are each selling a major plasma TV for Christmas shoppers at a significant markdown you may want to go to the store which is in the worst location as they will likely have less people waiting in line for the sales to open.

You will also want to make sure the store you are planning to hit first in the morning has what you are looking for and that will require you to do some early reconnaissance. Make sure to follow the stores social media feeds for tips on which stores are selling what in your area for Black Friday deals. Make sure to get all the newspapers leading up to Thanksgiving for circulars and discount special advertisements and make sure to consult with lead sales people in stores for tips on what types of black Friday specials the store may be offering but not advertising. This may not work for everyone but it may be worth trying if you really want to save as much as possible.

Black Friday sales on plasma TVs this Christmas season are going to be hot but one thing's for certain, there won't be many to go around. If you want the best price possible you have to find the right store and be there first in line. Measure your savings. You may find that the savings on one large TV may not be enough as the savings you could realize by being first in line at larger general merchandise stores. Saving money on the top women's Christmas gifts this season may add up to more saving than on the upgrade to the family TV set in the living room. You can only be at one store first so make it count.