Black Friday has been named as the day after Thanksgiving shopping where customers can shop for great deals.  There are many promotions that are usually available on this day.  Black Friday shopping used to be in store only however, there are some stores that have online promotions and deals for people who have to work.

Wake Up Early:  Waking up early is one of the most important Black Friday shopping tips.  Depending on what time the stores that you want to shop at open, you may need to wake up at midnight to get the best deals.  Other stores open at 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning.  You may want to sleep the day before and stay up all night to find amazing deals.

 Know Your Destination:  Knowing which stores open at what time is important.  Planning on going to a certain store when it isn’t open could cause you problems.  Create a list of stores you want to go to and what time they open so you know when to start shopping.  If you are going with a friend be sure to write which stores have which items and for what price.  Having a plan is an important if you want to find the best deals on Black Friday.

Know What You Are Shopping For:  If you are going into a store on Black Friday, knowing what you are shopping for is rather important.  If you are just browsing around you may not get the best deals as it they may be picked over.  If there is one special item you are looking for, be sure you are already standing in line hours before the store opens.  Many times people will decide to get items for themselves instead of getting gifts.  This is a great time to buy an item that you have been saving up for.

Be Aggressive:  It is important to be aggressive when you are shopping.  Don’t let anyone cut in front of you when you are standing in line.  Stand up for yourself so you can get the best deals possible.  People can get extremely mean when it means that they may not get the item that want.

Get A Babysitter:  It is helpful if you can get a babysitter when you go Black Friday shopping.  This will allow you to go from store to store as quickly as possible without lugging the kids around to put them into their car seats.  You will not believe how much time you can save by doing this.  You may also want to get a babysitter for the entire day after shopping as you will most likely be exhausted.

Black Friday shopping is an amazing opportunity to get the gifts for your loved ones that they want the most.  There may be a hard to find barbie doll that your daughter wants or a movie that your mom wants for an amazing price.  It is hard to beat some of the prices that you can find on Black Friday.