Online DealsIt's almost time to shop! Are you getting excited yet? Starting Monday November, 22nd and going on til Saturday November 27th Amazon will be starting their Black Friday deals early! That's not too far away - the anticipation must be building.

Do you know what you are hoping to get at a steal? Check out Amazon's Black Friday Deals Week where prices will be slashed on tons of big ticket items and other popular products are sure to be a steal. Amazon says they will be adding new items to their Black Friday deals every day between the 22nd and 27th so you are sure to find a great bargain.

There is definitely no reason to wait around fo r the other store deals on the real black Friday if you can shop online, start early, save tons of money and avoid the chaos of the crowds that are so common dur ing this shopping event.Black Friday Sales

Some of Amazon's Featured Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is a great time to look for some of the bigger purchase items you have on your Christmas and birthday wishlists. 1000's of product prices are cut by half from Laptops and DVD's to Xbox 360's.

Some of Amazon's guaranteed Black Friday deals include popular Blu Ray Disc's and DVD's with savings of up to 70% and huge savings on popular brands of HDTV's, Blu-Ray Disc Players and many more home audio devices you can follow these deals by visiting Home Audio Black Friday Deals .

How to Find Amazon's Black Friday Deals

You can start by following the link up top for Black Friday Deals - that will take you to Amazon's page that will be updated daily with killer deals starting November 22nd.

Follow Amazon on Facebook to learn about the deals but also to find out what's new and see Amazons exclusive products. This is a great way to stay up to date with what is going on at Amazon and catch those limited time specials.

Follow on Twitter for updates on their Black-Friday deals, "Deal of the Day" and their "Gold Box Lightning Deals.

Benefits Of Shopping Online with Amazon Black Friday Deals

This is definitely one event where you won't have to fear aggressive tug of wars over the last laptop or cabbage patch doll left on the shelf, camp out overnight in the parking lot or risk your life merely trying to enter the store. These deals start early, go til Saturday and is sure to feature both specials and products you are setting out to get and prices you can't resist! The absolute best part of shopping amazon for black friday deals and specials is that you never have to leave the comfort of your own home.No worries about whether or not you brush your hair or even get dressed for that matter.

As with any major savings event - start off prepared. Know which items you are wanting - when they are anticipated to be on sale and how to find them.

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