Will Thanksgiving disapear?

Thanksgiving is one of America’s National holidays to come together with family and be thankful for everything that is within our lives that we typically take for granted on a daily basis. The turkey and huge meal that typically occurs on a Thanksgiving Day, is barely going to have enough time to digest this year before businesses open for Black Friday.

Black Friday typically happens at midnight on Thanksgiving, the day was created to get holiday shopping started off with big sales on items that individuals would most likely purchase as gifts for Christmas. At first, like most others I assumed that this was created because of consumer demand for products, but with a closer view it is apparent that black Friday is just another day created to do nothing more than boost marketing and retail sales for major corporations.

Generally many years ago when I was a child the topic around our family’s Thanksgiving dinner table was what we were thankful for this past year and what we hoped to accomplish in the year to come. This has dramatically changed to which stores were having the best sales and when the sales began and how the night is going to be planned out to get the best opportunities. Personally I miss Thanksgiving being about what we have and not what we can get.

This year the cards have changed, leading retailers such as Wal-Mart, Sears, and K-mart are starting their black Friday shopping sales at 8 PM. Yes you read correctly, they are no longer giving individuals the opportunity to nap before running out the door to reach the store before midnight. This is not only going to affect consumer’s holiday but think for a moment about the employees that are being called into work. Employees must be at the stores hours ahead of time to prepare for the rush of consumers. This takes hours away from the employees that should be at home spending time with their family, which is often the reason behind their working. These new hours sadden me beyond belief, I fear that in years to come Thanksgiving will be over ran completely with shopping and will no longer be a day for thankfulness but will only be another shopping day.