White Hat SEO

There are different ways of positioning your website or webpage or blog using SEO techniques. The current type of SEO experts are ranked as black hat, white hat and gray hat. In some ways they are similar to the old cowboys where the bad guys always wore a black hat and the good guys always wore a white hat so you could tell the difference in a shootout. This same principle applies to SEO ranking techniques. Black hat implies bad techniques, white hat implies good techniques and gray hat implies something in between neither all good nor all bad.

The Black Hat SEO Technique

If you want to get an immediate high ranking on a search engine using black hat SEO techniques which will probably only keep you there for a few days then by all means go for the black hat ranking techniques. This type of high ranking achieved using this type of SEO means that the company getting you those high rankings on the search engine has in fact probably abused the search engine guidelines or rules and practices. They will use various means such as using the same color text as the page color so it can’t be seen by humans. Or they may use shadow domains which are in fact owned by the search engine optimization expert themselves.

Some Black Hat Deviousness

Some of the black hat SEO techniques that are not accepted by search engines are the practice of cloaking. This means that there is different site content that is crawled by the search engine and not seen by the human public. Another method used is called hidden links which are links that can be crawled by the search engines but again not by humans. These are devious SEO techniques which when discovered will get the website at least fined if not banned. Another of these is the use of unauthorized programs to submit web pages or to check rankings. 

Some Not So Good Methods To Get Higher Ranking

Since this SEO ranking technique is achieved through technological devices rather than organic approaches the SEO expert using black hat techniques will spend their time and your money that you are paying them to develop and improve your rankings to find technical glitches or loopholes that the search engines like google or Bing have not yet defined or identified. Then when they are discovered or there is an algorithm shift that glitch or loophole shuts down. Then the rankings will fall off the charts. Then your expert will be spending their time and your money again to find more loopholes to exploit.

The White Hat SEO Technique

The white hat SEO techniques to get search engine optimization will be accomplished utilizing ethical methods that conform to all of the search engine practices and guidelines and also comply with any search engine rules as well. Also on a website using white hat SEO techniques there will never be any confusion over just what site is the vendor and which site is the promoting site. There will be no violations of search engine rules, regulations and practices. The basis of this type of content will be excellent content that is well written, interesting and even educational. They will use all of the organic search engine optimization techniques to get higher rankings that will stay high and not disappear when the search engine does an algorithm shift.

Good SEO Techniques

Good SEO techniques or also considered to be white hat search engine optimization techniques are those techniques such as one way links from quality websites. Or they could be other forms of links but they will not be link farms or other types of paid links purely for increasing rankings. They will not use deceptive redirects or key phrase stuffing. Content will be good and other websites will want to use it so they create a link with out pressure.

Gray Hat SEO

This form of SEO ranking techniques is in the mid range between the white hat ranking techniques and black hat techniques. In some cases they will use SEO techniques that don’t really abide by all of the search engine terms of service. They may be questionable techniques that maybe don’t quite border on unethical but follow that gray line just between ethical and not ethical hence they are called gray hat. The methods might get a website penalized but not banned but they may not be well ranked either. So consider a while before you hire someone who would use borderline techniques to get higher search engine rankings as you may not like the results.

One Gray Hat Action

Purchasing a lot of paid links back to your site to build back links may end up with your website having too many back links and a search engine may discount those back links due to the quantity versus the quality of them. This gray hat SEO technique may result in leaning over into the mass spamming arena. If a search engine determines you may be spamming your website certainly will not be up their in the search engine rankings or be considered am ethical SEO technique and you may get fined. Buying pure ad links is all right but for link building only it is not. In some cases quality and fewer are better than many and poor.

Another Gray Hat Trick

Key word density is not accepted and disobeys some search engine guidelines or polices. But in a gray hat SEO technique the key word density may be high and up there but it does not reach over the top into excessive so it remains a questionable practice but not totally unethical. Since not all search engines are one hundred percent reactive in getting spammers or rule breakers off the search engine results pages sometimes gray hat techniques may keep the website up on the listings for a while. This particular gray hat SEO technique may get a search engine penalty and be considered search engine spam perhaps.