Black has always been a traditional color for kitchens but black kitchen design takes it a step further. You can have a kitchen where black is the feature of the room without just being an accent. A black kitchen is dramatic. It can feel industrial or chic depending on how you style it. Granted, a black kitchen won't work in every home. Your room should get plenty of light and have simple cabinetry. If you don't know what color to paint in your kitchen just say no to color, goBlack KitchensCredit: FreeRange Stock Photo with black.


Black granite countertops are a way to add black to a kitchen that will still give you a return on your investment. Decorate your room the way you would dress. You might even wear black everyday, so coordinate the same way you would coordinate an outfit. You might not put black and brown together, so stick with either ebony colored wood cabinets or a painted white or gray versions.


Black kitchen decor can work with many different design styles, even country. You can use chalkboard paint on some of the upper cabinets for a black accent. This color will also make white countertops pop and works perfectly to tie in black and white appliances. You can write a menu or shopping list on the chalkboard paint, or your friends can just use it as an area to doodle, leave notes, or jot down phone messages. You can make black feel homier by adding wood tones, such as a mahogany colored floor. Mahogany has enough red in it so it will tie in with the sleek black cabinetry instead of reading as a mismatched wood tone.

Black kitchen cabinets add dramatic flair to a room. This is a way to remodel your cabinets even if they aren't made out of expensive wood. Black cabinets will ground a room and even make it feel elegant. For a chic black space decorate the kitchen the way you would a city apartment. Paint the window trims silver. If you paint the ceiling black it will seemingly disappear or make a high ceiling seem lower. Accent the space with chic glass lamps on the countertop and pencil drawings of architectural elements. You can paint the flooring a bright white and even paint a black and white medallion in the center such as adding your monogram. You'll need silver accents on the appliances, faucets and even the sink to bounce light throughout the space. You might even be able to find a mirrored tile to work on the backsplash.

Black kitchen accessories can ground a room, further a theme, or even add a sense of whimsy to a space. If you have a colorful kitchen using black appliances and accessories can match your existing decor. If you don't know what to put with fuchsia or lime green, try black to complete a modern look. If you want to liven up a kitchen add graphic elements like black and white polka dot coffee cups that will be cheery and sophisticated at the same time.

A distressed black kitchen has a country feel to it. If you're afraid of black, try a dark charcoal that will give the same effect without being as harsh. Bring in a lighter gray paint on the kitchen island and sand down the edges of all the cabinetry and wood furniture in the room so that it seems worn. Black cabinets make enough of a statement so keep the walls neutral instead of adding a color. Bright white walls and counter will keep the room from feeling depressing.

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You don't have to be afraid of black kitchen design ideas. You can slowly ease your way into it and you don't have to paint all of the walls black. If you like your existing cabinets but want a more modern look paint the cabinet boxes black which can frame out your natural wood doors. Add a colorful collection of vases on the countertops to brighten up the room and look for a ceramic tile backsplash that integrates black with the wood tones in your room. This two toned effect will tie in wood floors with black appliances so you can update your existing kitchen and tie everything together without spending a lot of money.

If you're afraid of the color black overwhelming your space, minimize the surface area and add in lots of light. You may want to add glass fronts to the upper cabinets or give cabinets the look of a china hutch by building tall cabinets with drawers underneath. This will add storage to a wall and give you more display space. Adorn the top of the cabinets with crown molding for a traditional kitchen and top it off with white marble countertops. A black and white kitchen allows you to add many different accent colors to soften the harsh look like a cheery yellow or a soft sage green. You might want to take off some of your cabinet doors to add interest to a black kitchen. You can install wine holders or plate racks so you aren't just looking at a wall of black doors.

Black can help you create a modern design style. Consider painting your cabinets black and skip any drawer handles or cabinet pulls. Find a kitchen island that has stainless steel legs and install a stainless steel backsplash that will create a silver line throughout the space. Exotic woods are integral in softening a modern look while staying true to the clean lines of the style. You can add tiger wood to the cabinets or walls or just pick up a bamboo cutting board to soften the stark colors. You can also add sleek lighting so your black room seems to glow in the dark. Black cabinets will seem to disappear in the space and only the items on the glass shelves or a lighted stainless steel range hood will be seen. You may even want to install lights near the baseboards of your cabinets if your black kitchen seems to blend together with the floor.

A black kitchen can be bold or traditional. Some elements of black kitchen design will work for every design style and personality. A black kitchen is a sophisticated space but is still practical to work in and is a timeless color or lack thereof.