The 3 Classic Leather Jackets

All men know with a great leather jacket comes great coolness ad rebillion. Through popular media the leather jacket has jumped from the pages of fashion to become iconic, with the help of Marion Brando in the Wild One, the Ramones, James Dean and Slash. It is very clear that a black leather jacket brings connotations of rebeliion. My great leather jacket phase was spured on by Slash the lead guitarist of Guns and Roses aswell as Axl. Today the stars might be less..epic shall we say as the leather jacket is now seen on the lights of Justin Bieber and Zac Efron, but non the less the men’s black leather jacket is still in the fashion of our time.

Despite the iconisisism that comes with a black leather jacket you can still go wrong if you don’t wear it right. It is best to follow our European counterparts and wear them fitted, they should be slim and fitted to the body creating a snug feeling and straight lines. The black leather jacket of today is quite different to the days of James Dean, luckily for use they are now made from sheep and goats hide as oppose to Horse hide of the old days, this eliminates the squeakiness. Quick tips are to try on a smaller size than you would usually, this will give you an idea of how snug the jacket should really be. The jacket should hug the shoulder and not slouch off, the arm length has to be correct as a tailor cannot sort this out later and the black leather jacket should end at the waist not the thigh.

Lets talk about Style:

When it comes to modern times there are three major styles of black leather coats.

Fatigue; Comes with the two pockets at the chest and occasionally epaulettes on the shoulders. These are very popular today and can be found in most High Street shops.

Motocross; This style has minimal detailing, it is usually seen as a, get this..Motorcycle jacket, believe it or not. The only details it comes with are two waist pockets.

Bomber Jacket: This is the classic aviasion jacket, it is lined at the sleeves and waist with ribbed wool.

Now it most be stressed that when it comes to style the number one thing to think about is the fitt, as mentioned before it should hugg the body other wise it will not sit well, but second to this comes the colour of the jacket. Black is the iconic leather jacket, this is the one I would go for as it fits me well, but depending on your look whether your more into the urban scene or more interested in being comfortable you can go for different colours, usually for the urban scene colour is important, and from my knowledge blue leather is the best fit, but for the everyman, I would stick with tan and black.