Zombies Mode is Great, But There Are Tricks to Know

Enhanced with crystal clear graphics, new weapons, new attachments, and more options than ever before, Black Ops 2 is a game to own.  Everyone has their own favorite mode or map, but it is hard to put down the Zombies "World" in this edition with all it has to offer.  Here's a few tricks to remember when you play to help you advance into the higher levels.

Basic Options

Before you begin your game, take note that you can now begin on a higher level.  If you want to start on the Farm map on level 10, you will start out with $5000 to buy weapons and perks.  You can also chose on the start-up menu if you want hell-hounds to appear within the game.  With three different maps to chose from, your hands are more than full for a while if you like running from blue-eyed and burning zombies.

The Transit Map

The transit map has taken the game to a new and almost different genre of video gaming with the searching of clues.  This is personally my favorite map.  What you have is a bus route, and you start at the station with three different "parts" laying in the room for you to build a wind turbine.  This turbine is then used to open doors, power perk machines, and unlock other items within the map. 

Outside is a bus that is waiting for you to enter it which will take you for a trip to several other places.  On the ceiling of the bus is a gun for $1000, and you can also hook other items to the bus.  Random "parts" are available like the ladder that hooks to the side of the bus, the little step platform that attaches to the ceiling to also get on the top of the bus, and a front bumper guard that attaches to the front of the bus to help kill zombies.

Whenever you run into the foggy parts of this map, a demon-like creature attaches around your head.  You need to constantly knife at it to keep it from killing you.  Turning the power on is a little tricky, so once the bus arrives at the "outhouse" make sure you still have a turbine to open the garage door within the lab to grab the remaining parts for the switch.

It's easy to get through the first levels by riding the bus since it has a gun on the ceiling, but don't forget that you have to turn on the power which is sort of a process this time.

Perks and Ranking

Tombstone is a perk that you can buy once you open the second door within the lab.  I do not, however, recommend spending money on this perk.  It allows you to get back all of your weapons and perks once you die, but only if you spawn in that same location within a certain time period.  Waste of money in my opinion.  I do recommend buying galvaknuckles as they are like the buoy knife in the first Black Ops.  One or two hits kills zombies that would have taken ten knife stabs.

While playing Zombies Live, you will notice that there is now a complex system for rankings just like regular multiplayer live.  It will tell you your career kills, stabs, number of doors opened, and a number of performance information catered to the zombies mode.  You can also see how you stack up against other players.

My Final Tip

If there's one thing I would recommend, it's to make sure you have a mic while playing zombies live.  The game is complex now, so don't be the guy that makes people leave the lobby cause they can't talk to you.  Enjoy!

Play in the World of Zombies in Black Ops 2

Zombies at the Diner
Credit: http://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2012/11/26/call-of-duty-black-ops-2-review-part-three-the-zombie-bus-is-calling-us-xbox-360/