Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombie mode has a ton of weapons. These range from pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, machine guns, and special weapons. The hardened and prestige editions of Call Of Duty Black Ops come with the classic zombie maps. You can now get cold war era weapons from the mystery box on those maps. There are still some World War 2 weapons on the walls on the orginal maps. The newer maps mostly have cold war weapons, with the exception of the MP40 in Kino Der Toten.

The only way to get the strongest weapons is by using the mystery box. The mystery box has a set spawn location on the classic zombie maps, however, it is random on both Kino Der Toten, and five. This does not mean the weapons on the walls or bad, but not all of them are great. Weapons such as the ray gun, HK21, and other weapons can not be found on the walls.

This is going to be a list of some of the strongest weapons for Black Ops Zombies. These weapons are very good when not upgraded, and even better when they are upgraded via the pack-a-punch machine. It should be noted, however, you can not upgrade on Nacht Un toten, Verruckt, and Shi No Numa. Treyarch upgraded the maps with new weapons, but there is no upgrade machine.

Strongest Weapons list for Call Of Duty Black ops Zombies

• Ray gun

The ray gun is a very strong pistol that shoots ray beams. You can run fast with this weapon, and take out zombies in one hit early on. Eventually, the ray gun will take more than one shot to kill a zombie, however, its still very good reguardless. The only main concern with this weapon is that it can hurt you. If you shoot an enemy or wall to close, you can damage yourself.

• HK21

The HK21 is good for a number of reasons. It carries a lot of ammo, is powerful, and makes a lot of points because of the constant fire. If upgraded, it will carry 150 rounds per clip! Individual shots are not as strong as the ray gun, but the constant fire makes up for it.

• Thunder gun

This is the ultimate weapon in terms of power. This weapon can blow back a huge group of zombies! The only main draw back is that it is not good for taking out individual zombies. This is because it would be a waste of ammo basically. Use it for large groups only! Upgrading it will increase the power, and add two more shots per clip. The is one of the new special weapons for Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombies.

• Monkey Bombs

Technically not a weapon, but is VERY useful for surviving zombies. Monkey bombs are used to attract zombies, and explode within a few seconds. They are a thrown like grenades, but do not replace grenades. They are secondary thrown weapon. This is great for when you need to revive a player, need to get a power up, or whatever else you need a distraction for. You can get a maximum of 3. Max ammos will refil them.

These are the strongest weapons for Black Ops Zombies. They provide a lot of ammo and power. However, there are other weapons that are good too. These are just some of the best ones. The thundergun is the best for taking out large groups though. It was designed to take out large groups. No other weapon can do what it does. (except wunderwaffe, but it can not be gotten on black ops)