Kino Der Toten is the new map that comes with Call Of Duty Black Ops. This map does not need to be unlocked like the Nacht Der Toten map on Call of Duty World At War. This map is quite large, and can be pretty difficult if you do not know what to do. Sure, the early rounds are relatively easy, but eventually, the game gets considerably harder. In this strategy, I am going to explain a method to run away from the zombies to survive. This does not involve any camping, except in the early rounds.

In the beginning rounds, do not buy any weapons off the walls unless your in trouble. Use your pistol and knife. Saving points is important on this map, and in Nazi Zombies in general. Defend the lobby until about round 4. Preferably, get ready to leave in between 4 because demon dogs may come. You have a decision to make, you can either go left or to the upper right double doors. Either way does not matter as it will bring you to the theater stage.(where power is)

Option 1

Going left will bring you to a small room with a sub machine gun. This is not very good so its best to open the next door to bring you in the alley. Here, you can find an AK-74. This is very good at this stage of the game! You can defend the alley for a few rounds, then move to open the gates. You will be lead up stairs into another room that has a door. Open the door, and proceed down the stairs. (Your now in theater stage)

Option 2

Personally, I like going this way better. Opening the upper right double doors will take you to a couple rooms with another set of double doors at the end. Open these double doors as this area is not very good to defend. You will proceed down stairs into a room with two descending stair cases. Buy a shotgun off the wall. In this room, two people can defend the windows down stairs, one can guard the stairs you came down from, and the final player can guard the window at the top corner. This is a good place to stay until round 8-10 or so. Once your ready, open the next couple barricades and you will arrive in the theater.

Nazi Zombies breaking through

Once your in the theater, turn the power on. If you have enough, buy jugger-nog, your going to need it! Basically, all you have to do is run in a semi-circle around the map. It does not matter which way you run as long as you keep running in that direction. Most of the zombies will follow behind you, with a few straglers in front of you.

For example, you can run through the theater stage which takes you back to the lobby. From here, you can run up the stairs, down the hallways, and the following rooms until you get to the theater again. Everyone once in a while, you can turn around and shoot the zombies behind you. Just becareful not to linger to long. Also, zombies will appear in front of you. Make sure you take out the ones in front of you, or else you can get stuck. This will lead to the zombies behind you catching up, then game over most likely!

You can turn on the electric barriers if you think your trouble. There are also machine guns that can be turned on. Use these sparingly. Only use them if your completely out of ammo or something.

Another good way to take out zombies behind you is by throwing grenades at the big crowds behind you. This can make crawlers. Crawlers are great t0 have because it allows you to buy things at the end of the rounds.

Lastly, you can use the teleporter to take out a lot of zombies and increase your chances of survival. This takes you to the projector room where zombies can not get you. From here, you can shoot the zombies below, and/or use the pack-a-punch upgrade machine. There are also grenades in the room. Eventually, you will be teleported out of the room, but you can activate the teleporter again once it cools down.