Getting the best deal is simplified and much more stressfree for shoppers on cyber black Friday. Black Thursday does provide some great specials, but is also entails getting up early, freezing while you stand in line waiting for your favorite store to open, and then fighting the mad freenzy of fellow shoppers for the few items that are on sale. Cyber Black Friday, on the other hand, is as simple as typing your favorite items into google and pressing enter. Cyber Black Friday allows you to sleep in, shop in your pajamas (or naked for that matter), scour the entire marketplace for the best deals and then have your favorite selected items mailed directly to your house. Cyber friday deals demolish Black Thursday specials. - San Antonio, Texas

Getting the best deal is better on a Cyber Monday. Black Friday has proven to be dangerous and is too much of a hassle. People have died because of the ignorance and the attitudes that people show on Black Friday's. On a Cyber Monday, you can enjoy shopping and getting good deals from home. Plus, there's also more options available. You are not restricted to just your local area and around your local area. You have plenty of places in different states that will ship to you that make it really easy to enjoy Cyber Monday easier over Black Friday. -  Carolton, Texas

Getting the best deal during the holidays requires some thought, planning and choices. One of the big choices is whether to go out fight the crowds and head to brick and mortor stores OR sit back with a nice cup of coffee and do your shopping online. For me, I prefer Cyber Black Friday shopping. The deals are TERRIFIC and I know right away whether I can get my item or not. When shopping Black Thursday I never know until I am physically at the store whether or not my desired item is still in stock. Another advantage of cyber black friday is that I can visit multiple "stores" with a few keystrokes. This save a lot of transportation time, expense and wear and tear on my nerves. This past year there were more great deals than ever on cyber black friday. I'm a fan and you'll see me at my computer this year! - Vancouver, WA

Getting the best deal is most defiantly Cyber Black Friday Deals! I've shopped Black Thursday before and it's so hectic. The people, the traffic, eating out (expensive), the price of gasoline, getting someone up to the task to go with you, and what do you do when you find an awesome deal and the item won't fit in your car? Last year I shopped Cyber Black Friday, no contest! I was able to compare the same item from store to store. I had family members, milling around the house, that I could grab and get their input. I even had several things bookmarked that I was able to check throughout the day and some of them, the price continued to go down, as the day went on. I was still able to spend time with my family, instead of being gone from home for 12 hours, and I didn't run myself ragged. - Weir, KS

Getting the best deal seems to come on Cyber Fridays. I have gotten so many toys and electronics deeply discount on this day. I love being able to just turn on the computer and shop instead of fighting 100 people over a $5.00 toy. Sometimes the websites are slower during this time, but overall, the appeal is better to me than standing in line and messing with attitudes and fighting with others at the physical store. The best deals that I have found on Cyber days would be on toys. Electronics deals are good, but then you have to pay for shipping which negates the saves. I think Cyber Friday is better than Black Thursday. - Sugar Land, Texas

Getting the best deal not only means saving money but also time. When we work we are not only paid for our actually work but also for our time. Cyber black Friday deals are often more valuable than black Thursday deals because you save time in driving and standing in lines. While the rush of the store can be fun, the check out lines on black Thursday often take an hour or more each. Therefore you spend a lot of your time standing in line rather than getting good deals at other stores. On Cyber black Friday you can simply just click a button to check out which saves lots of time and provides opportunities to get more deals because you have the time to shop more places. Shopping online also saves money in gas as you aren't driving around. When it comes to black Thursday versus Cyber black Friday the former will always win out as it saves time and money and you don't have to leave your home! - Livonia, MI

I think that cyber black Friday is better than black Thursday for a few reasons. I tend to buy electronics on cyber Black Friday and I get to shop on multiple different stores at the same time, I don't have to wait in long lines or fight with other people to get in, and I get to price compare with just the click of a mouse. I do enjoy the rush of going to the stores bright and early amongst other thrifty shoppers, but it would have to be an unmatchable deal to get me to do it. - Miama, FL

Getting the best deal is become more and more important as the economy continues to crash. When it comes to finding the best deals it is common knowledge that black friday is when you will find the best deal. What most people don't know is Black thursday is an even better deal, b/c you don't have to go and wait in long lines and fear for your life( people have been trampled ). Black thursday allows you to find the deals with out wasting gas which we all know is expensive.It may end up costing you more to get to the store then what you are going to buy. Black thursday allows you to have breakfast while you shop for the latest think you don't need. all and all i belive that black Thursday is a better deal than black friday. - San Diego, CA