Black women dating white men is one of the latest phenomenons that is sweeping online dating. There is no clear explanation for this occurrence, that is to say, there is no clear move that triggered the popularity of this form of dating. However, a number of sites dedicated solely to connecting African American women with white men have emerged recently and these sites are enjoying tremendous success.

In the earliest incarnations of interracial dating, the most common configuration was that of the black man with the white woman. It was assumed by many that black women had little interest in dating white men, at least when compared to the desire for black men to date white women. That began to change in the latter part of the twentieth century for reasons that are still unclear. One possible explanation is that departure of black men from the black only dating scene has forced black women to look outside their race to find a suitable mate. Other explanations include increased social acceptance among black women of white men as mates and increased earning power of black women which made them feel equal to the white male counterparts.

Why are black women interested in dating white men?

There is no easy way to answer the question of why black women have become so interested in dating white men. And it is also difficult to measure the changes in white men's interest in black women. What is clear is that the opinions of society are shifting and it is no longer seen as particularly controversial for two people of different races to date, marry and even produce offspring. Therefore, it should also be unsurprising that the interracial dating websites that offer individuals a chance to make this sort of love connection have increased in popularity.

Are white men interested in dating black women?

It remains unclear the level of interest in the white male population at large for African American women as potential mates. What is clear, however, is that there is greater interest among the white male population in dating black women than there has ever been in history. The reasons for this are multiple and include increased status for black women, social acceptance of interracial dating and increased competition for white women. The trend of black/white dating seems likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

This means that interest in black women dating white men online dating sites will continue for a significant period of time. It also seems likely that this form of interracial dating is likely to remain a mainstream dating option for both black women and white men alike for a long time to come.