blackwomanBlack or African American hair is very delicate and has to be treated with the utmost care. When you are trying to grow your hair long, it is easy to often get frustrated because of the constant dryness and breakage. If you perm your hair, it can get even more dry and brittle than it would in its natural state. Dr. Susan Taylor, a board-certified and Harvard-trained dermatologist, recommends a retouch only about every 10 to 12 weeks in the winter and seven to ten weeks in the summer in order to prevent damage and excess breakage.

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  1. Wash your hair frequently, at least once per week or once every other week. Oil and grime build-up causes an unhealthy, itchy scalp. It is not the proper environment for growing long, healthy hair. Besides, your hair needs the moisture from water to keep it healthy.
  2. Do not weigh down your scalp with heavy greases and pomades. That is not healthy either. Use light carrot seed oil, jojoba oil, light olive oil or a cream moisturizer. Sulu Max Grow Intensive Scalp and Oil treatment is a wonderful way treat and condition your scalp. It used to be Shapley's MTG hair growth formula for horses, but because of the overwhelmingly positive response from Black women, they manufactured the Sulu Max Grow Intensive Scalp and Oil treatments for human use.
  3. Use products that help your African American hair grow. There are shampoos on the market that have vitamin that are specifically suited for hair growth. Use them. Make sure you have a good deep conditioner like "Aussie's Three Minute Miracle" or "Ultra Black Hair Protein Treatment." In fact, the "Ultra Black Hair" books and product line are a good place to start when you decided you want to grow your hair long. Read "Ultra Black Hair Growth," by Cathy Howse.
  4. Also, make sure you have Mega-Tek Rebuilder in your product line. It is good as a deep conditioner to strengthen and grow African American hair. The company states that with regular usage, it will strengthen the hair by 30 percent, which helps it, grow. It is also a great scalp condition, which you can use instead of oil or cream moisturizer. It has a great coconut scent, and it works.
  5. Do not do too much to your hair. Do not use too much heat or chemical products. Do not comb it too rough or too often, or keep extensions in too long. Use a wide-tooth comb, even if you have a bone straight perm. Do not over process your hair by leaving in relaxers too long or by getting to many things done at the same time such as relaxer and color treatments.
  6. Eat well and take a multivitamin. Take a daily multivitamin to keep healthy, make sure your vitamins have all the essential nutrients that are good for your African American hair. The B vitamins, iron, biotin, zinc, copper, calcium and magnesium are good vitamins for the hair.
  7. Trim your hair regularly. Do not cut it; just trim the dead ends regularly.
  8. Wash your hair braided, even if it is just five or six big braids. By braiding your hair, it keeps the strands together and makes them break resistant. Make sure you deep condition those ends. "Megatek" and "Aussie 3 Minute" Miracle and "Ultra Black Hair Protein Treatment" are great for strengthen your ends.
  9. Be patient, take care of your hair, and wait. Your hair will grow if you treat it right, feed it right and keep it from breaking. My hair is mid to lower back length, but it took me about six or seven years to get there and it is still going. Just be patient and be nice to your hair and you will have the length you want.
  10. Make sure your wrap up your hair at night. Use the wrapping technique to keep your hair in place while you sleep. Use a silk or satin headscarf to cover your wrapped hair.

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