Stylish Black Loafers For Women

Penny loafers have always been a stylish option for those who want professional and comfortable foot wear.  Although Penny loafers are no longer as popular as just regular loafers, they are still loved by classic shoe wearers.  The plain loafer itself is still enjoyed by men and women the world over. Loafers are just an all-around classic shoe loved for their style and durability.


Some Of The Best Black Penny Loafers: Affordable Black Loafers

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Bass Women's Wayfarer Penny Loafer, retails for  $59.99 - $129.00.  The burgundy is pictured here but it comes in black, gold, black and white, silver and karicole (which is a lighter brown color). This is a classic Bass Women's Wayfarer Penny LoaferCredit: Amazon.comwomen's loafer that has a quality top leather upper which explains why the shoe has the ability to last for a very long time. The leather sole that the shoe is made up of not only provides a unique attractive finish but also provides a unique shockproof finish especially when one is walking on a rough surface, the heel of this shoe measure approximately 3/4 inches. The major distinguishing feature of this item includes the beautiful patent leather material which makes it extremely attractive and easy to clean.  You can maintain this beautiful shine by using black shoe polish and a stiff brush. This makes maintenance of this shoe a very easy task thus making it an all-weather shoe for women.


Walking Cradles Women's Bibi LoafersCredit: Amazon.comWalking Cradles Women's Bibi Loafers, retail for $64.99 - $96.00. This is a unique shoe that has a top part made out of  buckskin, which is a soft material that will not cause is adverse reaction to your feet. The breathable leather upper conforms to the wearers  foot  and provides a comfortable fit.  You will get all the comfort you need in that the combination hugs the heel yet offers plenty of wiggle room for toes, the loafer offers massaging cradles of foam line the foot-bed, giving you soft, supportive cushioning, it has a combination of a leather upper, tricot knit upper lining, synthetic suede fabric sock-liner, latex foam insole to provide you with an extra comfort. The sole provides the best quality that you will ever need, for instance it has a fiber board mid-sole, steel shank, polyurethane outer-sole. You will get the most exclusive comfort from wearing this shoe.

Franco Sarto Women's Bocca LoaferCredit:
Franco Sarto Women's Bocca Loafer, retail for $34.99 - $69.99. These are classic loafers made out of leather and rubber. The leather top provides your feet with the exclusive comfort with ability to last long since the leather is very strong. While the rubber portion of the shoe is durable and flexible allowing you walk in a naturally.  The heel  measures approximately 1 1/4" while the platform measures approximately 1/2".  The model number for these shoes / sandals / boots style number is Bocca. These beautiful, black loafers for women will allow you to step out in style while giving you a comfortable, secure fit.  The broad, platform-type heel is perfect for those who like a more secure feeling while they walk and work.


Sebago Women's Cami Penny Loafer, retails for $29.95 - $100.00. This is classic shoe thSebago Women's Cami Penny LoaferCredit: Amazon.comat has been constructed out of leather and rubber. The top part is strong and durable because it has been made out of leather while the sole is very flexible to allow you have your natural walking style without any strain, the rubber sole also allows for expansion which prevents you from developing blisters. The heel measures around 1 inch and it is a genuinely hand-sewn Moccasin Construction product. The premium Full Grain Leather Upper is an assurance of quality, the system foot-bed is a removable, Anatomical Sebago S.E.A., the arch shank is a  Nylon Injection Molded, the sole is a Sebago Cami Slip-resistant, Non-marking TPR .