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How I decided on the Black & Decker Airstation:         

     After having been through many frustrating scenarios where my car's tires were low and I had to rely on inflating my tires at a gas station, I decided to get my own air inflator.   I researched on the internet for a good air inflator that was reasonably priced and fit the bill for my needs.  I found in most cases  the air inflators on the market were too large or were too expensive.   I also found the opposite where they were too cheap and were of lower quality.   It was until I found the Black & Decker Airstation that my search was over.

Airstation review:    This air inflator is great.   It has a sleek design with a convenient compartment for the storage of the AC cord and air hose.   It's not very heavy and can be charged either by an AC outlet or in your car (12 volt).   It is a multi-purpose air inflator as it can be used for sports balls, tires, water inflatables, rafts, air mattress, etc.  It's very handy and affordable.   I don't think you can 'go wrong with this product.

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Design  -  From the moment I started using this air inflator,  I was very impressed with its design.  It seems that everything in terms of engineering, usability, and convenience has been well thought out   It is lightweight, can handle most household air inflating jobs and has very convenient storage compartments to keep everything neat and organized.

Affordability -  Check on Amazon, Home Depot or Target for the current price.  At the time I purchased, it was under $ 50 and well worth it.   Comparing this to the other air inflators in its class, the others don't come close.

Pressure gauge -  The illuminating gauge is easily readable with pressure readings in PSI & kilopascal and comes equipped with an auto-shutoff feature to help prevent overinflating/bursting.

Nozzles - Comes standard with 3 different nozzles (standard, needle, extension) and are conveniently mounted to bottom of  the air inflator.


Negatives:   I honestly do not have any negatives things to mention.  I do see from looking at other reviews that people have had trouble with fuses blowing and this requires sending the unit back to B&D, but I haven't had this happen myself.    


I hope this review is helpful for you when deciding on a good air inflator.

AirstationCredit: Black and Decker