Comparison Review: BDH2000FL and FHV1200

Are you interested in getting a Black & Decker handheld vacuum -- being specifically interested in the BDH2000FL and FHV1200 models -- however aren't quite sure what the differences are (and basically which one to go ahead and buy)?  If so, the following comparison article BDH2000FL Vs FHV1200 will be able to help you out -- through highlighting both their differences & similarities amongst specifications and features, to ultimately provide you with a clear overview as to what each model can offer you. Then from that you will be able to easily identify which vacuum is best suited to meet your cleaning needs & preferences.

Suction & Cleaning Power

BDH2000FL: 2o Volt (max) motor | 22.3 Air Watts | Cyclonic Action

FHV1200: 12 Volt | 25 Air Watts

Despite the FHV1200 coming with a significantly less powerful motor it does produce roughly the same amount of Air Watts as the BDH2000FL (which is a given measurement for a vacuum's suction power). However, it doesn't translate through into the overall suction performance of these two hand vacuums -- granted both are powerful models (capable of dealing with "messes big & small") -- but the BDH2000FL has suction power that lasts twice as long as the FHV1200 (which is mainly attributable to the upgraded cyclonic action in place). Note: they both come with a specific pet hair cleaning tool (which is conveniently stored along with the other accessories in the 'caddy') to remove & loosen tough stubborn hair easily from all floor types.

Black & Decker - Platinum 20 Volt BDH2000FL Hand Vac

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Practical Features

BDH2000FL: Bin Storage Capacity - 17 ounces | 4' flexi hose

FHV1200: Translucent Bin Storage Capacity - 17 ounces | 4' flexi hose

In this regard, you can see that they are relatively compact & lightweight (see specific dimensions & weight in the further information section below), which is great for getting in and cleaning tight & small areas (especially with the flexible hose) but it does in turn restrict the amount of dirt & dust it can carry (this being said after every other use of the vac -- you can use the simple hygienic one button press system to release the dirt into your main bin, moreover you will know precisely when to empty the capacity anyway as it is translucent).

Black & Decker - FHV1200 Compact Hand Vac

Black & Decker FHV1200 Flex Vac Cordless Ultra-Compact Vacuum Cleaner
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Battery Performance - Lithium Ion (Rechargeable)

BDH2000FL: Run Time - Approx 16 minutes. Charge Time - 4 hours. LED indicator.

FHV1200: Run Time - Approx 10 minutes. Charge Time - 6 hours. LED indicator.

Both units are energy star approved, however the BDH2000FL is more energy efficient by  up to'25%' than the FHV1200 -- it enables it to last for a much longer cleaning time as well as offer a quicker charge from dead to full too. Moreover, the Lit-ion battery with the BDH2000FL doesn't suffer with 'memory effect' so can hold the same charge for 18 months. They are both also integrated with an LED indicator to let you gauge the condition of the hand vacs.  Furthermore, they of course come with a charger & stand as well.

Accessories & Filtration System

BDH2000FL & FHV1200: 2-in-1 Nozzle Brush Tool, Long Crevice Tool, Pet Hair Cleaning Tool 3 Stage Action washable Filter System (w. filter knob) -- all fitted into the storage caddy. 

Both come with the same set of integrated accessories -- the nozzle brush tool is basically an attachment that allows for powered dusting, a crevice tool to get into very narrow spaces, the pet hair cleaning tool (as described above), a filtration system to prevent allergens & dust from being expelled into the air (i.e captured) that can be simply washed (through rinising it under a running tap).

Further Information


The FHV1200 comes with a two year warranty, whereas the BDH2000FL is backed for three years (this covers costs of labor & components to correct any possible defects incurred).

Weight & Dimensions | Finish

BDH2000FL: 11.9 x 7.7 x 10.2 inches, 3.8 lbs | Black

FHV1200: 12.2 x 6.4 x 10.1 inches,  5.7 lbs | White/Silver

Average Review Rating (sourced

BDH2000FL: 4.4 out of 5 (88%) from over 100 reviews.

FHV1200: 3.8 out of 5 (76%) from over 325 reviews.


BDH2000FL: FVF100 

FHV1200: FVF100 

The replacement filter can be bought either from or through the manufacturer's website (i.e Black & Decker) -- they are washable and designed to last you for between 6 to 8 months of use.

Conclusion - Should You Buy the BDH2000L or FHV2000?

So both models will obviously to help you you with a range of cleaning tasks e.g. cleaning hard to get to areas of your home & car, effectively loosening and removing grounded-in pet hair & debris, vacuuming high shelves, upholstery -- and where you fancy a bit of quick vacuuming before some guests come round (and you don't have time to lug out the heavy corded Hoover etc.).

In all, it is clear that they are designed with versatility in mind. However, the difference remains in how well each models deals with all the given tasks above -- and it is here where the BDH2000FL clearly is the superior machine (due to the more powerful and consistent suction performance) -- which is then reflected in the price (compare the best prices of the BDH2000FL and FHV1200 above), whereby it is almost double. (around an extra $50), However, for me it is worth it, given how much easier it will make your cleaning life with a more suction force.

But which Black & Decker hand vac will you buy the BDH2000FL or FHV1200 -- let me know below and why?

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Also, if you have any questions, comments or issues regarding either the comparison account of the BDH2000FL Vs FHV1200 or about either model specifically (or to do with further clarification, seeking further advice) then please do not hesitate to go ahead and make them in the comments section (which you will find just below the fold) and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.