black and decker JKC905 cordless kettle


automatic shut off

screened filler

no element inside

boils cleanly

tall slim size, not bulky



could not think of any!

Full Review

After numerous burnt kettles by my "mother-in-law" I decided, rather than risk our house burning down that I needed a different type of kettle. So, I purchased the Black and Decker JKC905 cordless kettle and am very happy with it. It not only functions very well, it looks nice on the counter.

Up until this point, we had one you used on a burner on the stove. Very simplistic, but when my mother-in-law would come to visit, she would put it on to boil, wander off somewhere and forget about it, until it became "one with the stove" and the smoke detector let out its piercing sound. A boiled dry kettle with melting handle is not a very nice smell to have in your house. Not to mention the damage to the burner.

After that we had a regular electric one, that somehow or other would end up with the cord laying on a burner on the stove at the same time as burners were on. This was an awkward setup. Plus the cord came with you every time you went to pour the water out or fill it up.

Plus we had harder water, and most of the electric kettles would have the element inside the them which always seemed to "fur" up with hard water deposits, making it work harder and harder.

So, when I found the Black and Decker JKC905 cordless kettle I was very happy. It actually sits right on a 360 degree base (circle) that plugs in. You fill it with water (there is a window on the side that measures the water for you) and place this on the swivel base, then press the button which is on the top of the handle and it heats up very quickly.

There are three really great things I like about this cordless kettle.

As soon as it comes to a good boil, it shuts itself off, no danger of boiling dry. Plus it has a sleek looking design, and using the kettle without a cord hanging off of it is great. I really like this one.. It has an automatic shutoff. Which is a lifesaver at my house. My mother-in-law hates this new one because of that! But we love it!

There is no element to "fur" up with hard water deposits, extending the life of the kettle. It makes it easier to clean. This feature alone will make this product last much longer. It is lighter weight than those older electric ones too.

I am a tea drinker, so I am always using this one, It doesn't take up much room either, with its tall design. You can fit it in smaller places on your counter, or wherever you use your kettle.

So, if you have one of those basic ones taking up a burner on your stove, or those cumbersome bulky electric models with the cord attached and the furred up element inside that puts little white chunks into your tea, then you may want to treat yourself to this fast boiling, sleek looking Black and Decker JCK905 cordless kettle, with the automatic shutoff and no element inside.. Love it.

There is a screen at the filler for filtering the water when filling it or pouring it out. So no chance of hard water chunks or anything getting into your tea!

In Closing

get one today, you won't regret it!

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