When space is at a premium but you still want all the conveniences of a well equipped kitchen then getting an under cabinet can opener is yet another great space saving idea.

Whether you are downsizing to a smaller place or your first time out on your own, equipping a smaller kitchen doesn’t have to be difficult if you utilize the area under the upper cabinets.  This gives you plenty of counter space to do your daily cooking tasks, and also leaves the kitchen and the counter top looking less cluttered.

Black and Decker Under Cabinet Can OpenerCredit: Amazon.com


Under Cabinet Can Opener in White

If you have to keep cleaning around small appliances all over the counter it can get tedious as well as look cluttered no matter how you dress them up.  But other than putting them away in cabinets (which can be cumbersome as some of these appliances are not light weight!) and then not using them, which would be a shame, why not get a more compact style that is designed to fit perfectly under the cabinets?

If you struggle with a manual can opener, or that one you take camping all the time, then you know this is not the easiest way to open a can.  This Black and Decker Spacemaker under cabinet can opener is sleek looking, and has a swing door that opens for convenience at eye level, and a tip that pierces the can which can be a real pain with a manual can opener.

It also will cut plastic bags, and sharpen knives as well as pop off that soda bottle cap.  It is at a handy height and you will always know where it is.  It easily hides the cord, and has an automatic shut off.

If the space you are living in or heading to is compact, then instead of giving up the convenience of a can opener, coffee maker, microwave and more, consider getting rid of those large and cumbersome appliances and get ones that will fit neatly under the upper cabinets. 

They are designed to look modern and sleek, and will give you back all that counter space which will now be much easier to keep clean as well as less cluttered.

You have all the conveniences of a full service kitchen in a small space.  If you find opening cans difficult using the manual system, or that old manual one hurts your hands, then before you head out and buy the traditional electric can opener that sits on the counter taking up room, consider one that looks modern and can fit nicely under those upper cabinets.

No more reaching and fumbling for these small appliances, you can have them all ready to go at eye level.

You can get an under cabinet can opener at any small appliance stores, and some electronic stores as well as discount department stores, but you can also get them online at sites such as Amazon for a good price.  Shopping online is a great way to see a much larger assortment and compare prices.