Black and green fleece jackets for men are popular colors for fashion apparel. Green and black fleeces compliment all kinds of wardrobes for men to wear. You want a good jacket during the cold seasons to keep you warm, comfortable, and to make you look good. All men look good in a fashionable fleece jacket. Most fleece jackets are made with polyester, and features a polartec fabric that's weather resistant to wind and moisture. Quality black and green fleece jackets are a bit expensive when shopping for midweight jackets online. Lightweight jackets are cheaper to purchase. Black and green fleece jackets are available online that are fully zipped or quarter zipped. Down below are some different product brands to purchase online.

Black Fleece Jackets

Mountain Hardwear - If you're looking for the perfect men's black fleece jacket that will help regulate your body temperature, then Mountain Hardwear has what you need. The Mountain Hardwear Microgrid is a fully zipped black polyester collar jacket. It's expensive and not exactly a cheap fleece jacket. It costs over $100 dollars at online stores like The Mountain Hardwear Men's Money Jacket is even more expensive. It's basically the same makeup of the microgrid, except it has a fuzzy teddy bear fabric. Same features include power stretch cuffs, zip hand pockets, a zip chest pocket, and they're high warmth-to-weight ratio black fleece jacket. You can purchase online at

Marmot - Marmot has a collection of black fleece jackets for men to buy online. The marmot power stretch half zip jacket is a lightweight fleece jacket for early fall to spring. It's made from polartec fabrics, making it very breathable as a lightweight fleece. The outer nylon is weather resistant. It's a great jogging fleece jacket for men who like to workout outdoors a lot. Available sizes come in small and extra large online at moosejaw. They're cheap black fleece jackets that costs well under $100 dollars. The Marmot Torrid Fleece Jacket is very similar made with a polartec power stretch hardface fabric. It's a fully zipped jacket, unlike the power stretch fleece, that also comes with two zipped side pockets and a zipped chest pocket. It's available online at backcountry. If you're looking for winter black fleece jackets, then checkout the Martmot After Burner Fleece Jacket at The fabric used is wind chill resistant, and features a fully zipped jacket along with two side zipped pockets. It's an expensive but a good black fleece jacket for men.

Under Armour - The Under Armour Hundo Quarter Fleece Pullover is made with 100 percent polyester for durability and warmth is used as a mid weight jacket. It can be used for running, outdoor activities, or just to keep you warm during the fall to early winter seasons. It's a quarter zipped jacket, featuring a grid fleece construction to help regulate the body's temperature. It's a reasonable priced black fleece jacket that you can purchase online at backcountry.

Green Fleece Jackets

North Face - Anchorage green is featured in The North Face Men's Khumbu Fleece Jacket. It's a fully zipped jacket. It's a mid weight fleece that features front hand pockets that can be worn during the fall seasons. It's available in all sizes for men online at altrec. The North Face Pumori is a slightly more expensive men's green fleece jacket. Pumori green fleece jackets are very similar to Khumbu jackets. Pumori jackets are fully zipped jackets, featuring polartec fabrics that are weather resistant. Zipper hand warmer pockets are included. You can purchase online at

Patagonia Men's Fleece - Patagonia Men's Windproof fleece jackets features an alpa green color. It's windproof and a fully stretched laminate; that features two side zipped pockets, and a zipped chest pocket. It's made with 100% polyester the features a polartec windbloc to protect against cold wind chills. Other features include a chin flap for warmth. It's a pretty comfortable green fleece jacket for men to wear during the winter seasons. Patagonia men's fleece jackets are expensive. You can purchase online off Patagonia's website.

Majestic Men's Fleece Jackets - Majestic Men's fleece jackets features a hoodie pull over. They're cheap green fleece jackets to purchase. They're made with 95% polyester and 5% spandex. It's a dark green hoodie that's available in all sizes for men. It's wind and water proof featuring a Therma Base technology built for body warmth insulation. It's only costs $39.99 online at team express.