Will you resort to eating black ants to solve male infertility problem?

Can you imagine your loving wife prepares a dish of stir-fried black ants to serve as dinner for you?

This scenario sounds really disgusting.

You cannot imagine putting the black ants into your mouth, even if they can solve the male infertility problem.

You wonder who on Earth will eat black ants.

The fact is that the Chinese have been eating black ants for a few thousand years. If you visit certain parts of China, and Africa, you can order a plate of black ants. The provinces that still ensure eating ants in China are Yunnan, Sze Chuan, Guangxi and Guizhou.

The medicinal properties of black ants ensure the popularity of the little creatures. Many medical studies show that blacks ants can relieve the pain of rheumatoid arthritis, and improve male fertility.

However, not all black ants are edible, and have medicinal properties. Please do not hunt for all the black ants in the house, and steam them or boil them in soup.

The breed of black ants that can improve male fertility is Polyrhachis vicina Roger.

We are more fortunate than the Chinese in ancient times. We can buy black ants pills online and offline. You can enter a Chinese medical hall to buy a bottle of black ants pills.

You can also order the black ants pills from online stores, such as Amazon.

Are there risks to taking of black ants pills?

There is no risk if you take in small quantities, and according to the instruction.

If you take more than the required dosage, you risk the arsenic properties present in the bodies of black ants.

The black ants contain natural arsenic and lead. The quantities are too little for concern if you take the recommended dosage.

The mineral content of black ants include Zinc, Silicon, Calcium, Potassium, Manganese, Copper, Lead and Arsenic. Black ants are high protein food as well.

Since the deficiency of Zinc and other minerals leads to male infertility problem, taking supplements that contain Zinc are necessary.

Black ants pills can help to relieve the suffering of rheumatoid arthritis victims. They contain minerals and trace elements to reduce inflammation in the joints.

That does not mean you can eat black ants pills every day. You have to bear in mind that eating food and herbs in moderation is good. Excessive use of supplements can cause problems. You do not want to get arsenic poisoning as a result of too much black ants pills.

It is best to try black ants pills for a period of time.

Are you ready to eat black ants for health reason? Are you eager to catch all the black ants in the house and boil them? You better make sure that these are Polyrhachis vicina Roger.

If you want to eat the real Polyrhachis vicina Roger, you have to visit China and catch them from their nests. You can choose to cook them in whatever ways you like. You can even eat them live.