Blackberry Desktop Organizer is a great way to store data from your computer to a compact and convenient sized computer Organizer. You can also transfer the data back to your computer from your Blackberry using a USB connection. The obvious benefits for the use of this product is mainly traveling purposes for convenience and compatibility. This article will touch on a few of the many features this product has to offer. Depending on the model you purchase this article will only be concerned of the basic features of the Blackberry Organizer. 
 Most all these models will feature for downloading music, and medium files. Apple ITunes offer downloads that are compatible with a Blackberry. Medium files can also be downloaded from UTube strait to your Organizer and stored in a secure folder that can be assessed any time.  
Wireless Blue Tooth  
For those of you who prefer using Blue Tooth then the blackberry organizer will give you a wireless feature to connect Blue Tooth you will need the specified USB connection for this purpose. Basically this organizer will does pretty much what a desktop home computer will do. 
Receive Alerts  
If you receive Google Alerts then you can still have this feature with your blackberry organizer. You will be able to use the same keyboard functions you would on a normal keyboard, and set your Alerts to receive any time you wish and will also give you the option of choosing the type of alerts you recive.  
Leather Casing  
Most Blackberries will come with a fine quality leather shoulder bag to protect your blackberry as well as easy and convenient to travel. This article can  only cover so much of what the Blackberry Organizer has to offer, Search online for a full list of features and the types of models on the market.  
The Blackberry Desktop Organizer can be a good companion for those on the move , that tend to go from one meeting to the next, or it can simply be a personnel organizer for your own convenience. Whatever the reason your purchase a Blackberry makes sure it is tailored to suite your individual needs. Check for any warranties or insurance claims you maybe entitled to... if of future damage to your blackberry. I personally would prefer having one as a personnel organizer which suites me just fine. Get ready for the next generation of Blackberries to hit the market with even more features to offer.