Since the introduction of the iphone in 2007, Research in Motion(RIM) makers of the Blackberry has had to contest with some consumers perception that blackberry has lost its "cool factor" or simply become antiquated.  This perception was further entrenched in many minds of consumers more recently as the phones like the Evo 4G have stepped onto the cellphone market. The Evo 4G is a handset carried exclusively by Sprint and running Google's mobile operating system (OS) "Android".  Blackberry has not lost its "cool factor" however.  Blackberry has stuck to its core competencies and remains unmatched in these categories.  Blackberry has its "enterprise" email, which remains the choice for many companies to integrate their corporate email.  Blackberry also has not abandoned the full qwerty keyboard but on one model, which as any avid texter or emailer will tell you, is a neccesity to maximize the efficiency of time spent with your mobile device.  What Blackberry has done recently is an answer to the "touchscreen" that so many people love in such products as the iphone 4 and Evo 4G.  Blackberry released its first touchscreen AND full qwerty keyboard device, the 9800 "torch".  This device has gone head to head with the iphone 4 in a  10 category match and tied the iphone 4. The iphone of course beat it in categories such as web browser, and app selection, but the 9800 torch, defeated the iphone 4 with the email, reception, battery life, and interface.  One big misconception is that with the 9800 torch only having  740 mhz of processing speed, is that it is underpowered.  What a lot of peole do not know is that blackberry could have easily included a full  1 ghz or even 2 ghz processor like may of its competitors.  The reason why they did not was to produce a phone for the user that was the best all around balanced and user friendly phone.  Trimming down the processor speed provides longer battery life and saves the user from having their phone go dead at the absolute worst time, when you do not have your charger with you(we have all been there).  Those who love Blackberry's will always get a new one, they are not for everyone.  In the everchangin landscape of both hardware and software in the mobile device market, Blackberry has held its own.  In my future article I will talk about how Blackberry will introduce its answer to the "ipad" and many other tablet devices.  RIM will introduce a  7" touchscreen Blackberry "Playbook" lightning fast, and as unique and addictive in the tablet market as the Blackberry will remain in the handset market!!  Thanks for reading, and thanks to Research in Motion!!