Planning a party? Using blacklight rentals or glow party novelties are one of the coolest ways to entertain large groups of people. However, you really don't need a massive crowd of people to have a blast with  these fun products. Party-lighting techniques that include glow novelties or blacklights  are a huge hit with people that love a good party and want to have an experience they will never forget. They also work for backyard entertainment fun during the summer months.

Blacklight Rentals Are Perfect For Special Events

Today's blacklights are used for more social and business purposes than those of yesteryear. If you are of a certain age, you may recall how popular it was to have those fuzzy posters on your bedroom wall that lit up at night with a blacklight bulb. The neon colors would glow in the dark for a totally cool look. Most teens usually had one bulb or tube. Now rental companies are offering awesome laser effects, glow/strobe lighting and blacklights for huge venues.

Who Throws Blacklight Parties?

As far as business goes, where there are thousands of people who are ready, willing and able to party, money can be made. Lots of it. Any new club can really become an overnight sensation by throwing a grand-opening event using spectacular blacklight effects to draw in the crowds. More and more professional venues are using rentals of visual-effect lighting techniques to bring in as many ticket sales as possible.

The Cool Visual Effects Of Glow In The Dark Novelties

Another really neat concept is combining glow novelties with blacklights. When it comes to creating some really memorable visual effects at a party or club, glow paint is a huge hit. Party-goers are painting themselves with glow-in-the-dark blacklight paint on their hands, lips, hair and face. Even their club clothes are glowing.

Glow In The Dark Novelties To Try

What are some of the coolest glow novelties to buy and try right now? Of course, many of us are already familiar with those glow-sticks that you crack and wave around in the dark at special events like theGlow Party NoveltiesCredit: fourth of July. Now, companies are coming out with all kinds of neat products that glow. There are bunny ears to wear on your head, glow-earrings and even glow-lips and teeth. There are bobby pins, glasses and rings. There are table settings, cups and utensils.

Manufacturers can even make liquid-activated ice cubes with LED lights inside of them for a brand new drinking experience. Why all this fuss with glow products these days? I don't really know. Is the modern party-goer needing more and more amusement and stuff to keep him or her stimulated?

If so, it might not be a bad idea to start a little glow-in-the-dark novelty business of your own. People are actually spending their money for bright neon shades of glow-in-the-dark contact lenses online.  Glowing wherever  and however you can is a craze right now. No more plain styrofoam party cups either.

Add some cool glow drinking glasses and ice cubes and you are all set for a great, fun party. If you want to see a great example of novelties in this range, check out It is amazing. The site itself looks like it could glow in the dark too. These products are simply fun and irresistible. They may not last long, but you have to admit they are pretty cool.

The Crowd-Pleasing Popularity Of Blacklight Parties