If you've ever tried to sleep during the day for whatever reason you know the need for blackout curtains. I've done the 3rd shift thing and the stay up all night thing and have had that glaring ball of fire in the sky decide that I really need to get up before noon.

Personally I like sleeping until noon and getting some curtains that keep the light out is a big help with that process. I don't know why someone decided that sleeping until noon was such a bad thing anyway.

Keeping the light out is good but of course the manufacturers of these fine curtains have decided that there are many other reasons that we need to buy them.

They are energy efficient. Huh? How can curtains be energy efficient? Well they keep the light out and the light creates heat so you can save on your air conditioning bill that way. The special backing also acts as a little additional insulation for your house so you save a bit more on the heating bill in the winter. Up to 25% they claim.

The insulation also cuts down on the noise that comes into your room. If you live in a busy area and need quiet to sleep these will help out. I don't really like noise even when I'm awake so anything that helps to keep the neighbors music and children from bothering me is a good thing in my book.

The cost is actually pretty reasonable you could pick up a pair for about $25 to test them out and if you like them you can upgrade to the fancy velvet curtains. I mean you're going to be asleep anyway so you might as well not see your fancy curtains…

You can also get a liner that you can attach to the curtains you already have. I'm not real handy with crafts so I'll leave it up to you to figure out how to attach the thing to your curtains. If you are a good seamstress you can probably figure it out or if you need a guide I'm sure there is one available online somewhere. Helpful ain't I?

I'm being a bit tongue in cheek here but I do have to admit that as much as I like being sarcastic I also use and appreciate blackout curtains for the convenience of being able to sleep when I want.

My answer to the question of whether or not to purchase blackout curtains or get a liner to create your own is a resounding and loud (but muffled) yes!!