Bladder incontinence is a problem affecting many people which thankfully can often be remedied by the various bladder incontinence treatment options available. However, because people often feel embarrassed about it, it often is left untreated, which is a shame as it is can often be treated, if not cured, with the help of a professional. If you are of a certain age, know that bladder incontinence is not a fatality and is not part of the natural aging process. You should seek professional advice to treat your condition and improve your quality of life. More women than men are affected by the condition.

There is a variety of bladder incontinence treatment options available to you, ranging from steps you can take immediately to reduce the problem to surgical intervention. We will discuss them herein briefly. What you should do first is try the things that can help control bladder incontinence like taking out caffeine from your diet. If you are a coffee lover it's going to be hard but you should know that caffeine irritates the bladder. This simple step alone could dramatically improve your condition. Of course, reducing the amount of liquid your drink can have an influence on your bladder incontinence. We do not recommend however depriving yourself of the recommended daily amount but rather cut down on excessive fluid intake. If you have to go to the toilets several times every couple of hours you could benefit from training your body to go to the toilet less often. This is done over a period of time, gradually. Try to increase little by little the intervals between which you go to the toilets, you should notice a difference after a few weeks. Constipation can also worsen bladder incontinence by putting pressure on your lower abdomen and thus striving for regular bowel movements is desirable.

There are also medications available which can improve bladder incontinence in women and in men. Side effects are in general minimal. You should consult with your doctor to see if bladder incontinence drugs are right for you. Finally there is surgery. We would like to say now that you probably should try the other bladder incontinence treatment methods first. If surgery can be avoided, why take it? It is very much possible that you can get rid of bladder incontinence just by changes in your diet, exercise and medication. If however the previous methods have failed, surgery can be an option.

We prefer not discuss the surgical procedures for bladder treatment for lack of knowledge about them but know there are surgical treatment available for both men and women. Again, consulting with your doctor about it is best. He will be able to refer you to a specialist which will explain to you the procedures, the pros and cons of it and answer all your question about this type of bladder incontinence treatment.