Why choose the E-flite Blade RC Helicopter?

We all know RC Helicopters are hell of a lot of fun, no matter if you are 10 years old or 60 years old. Among the competing brands - e.g. Air Hogs, E-Flite, and Syma - I personally like and recommend the E-flite Blade RC Helicopter series. With prices ranging from around $50 to over $100, E-flite’s Blade RC Helicopter are considerably more expensive than other brands (those RC helicopters you typically find off the shelves of department stores, including Air Hog’s and Syma’s, typically cost around $30). However, unless you only want a use-and-throw-away toy helicopter, you will not regret buying an E-flite Blade RC Helicopter.  Find out why in this article and also read my reviews of a few popular Blade RC helicopter models.

Top 4 Reasons to Buy an E-flite Blade RC Helicopter

1. They are really easy to fly:  Blade RC Helicopters are 100% factory assembled, test flown and ready to fly right out of the box. That means that you don’t have to assemble anything or buy additional parts to start flying and having fun with your Blade RC Helicopter. They also have many models (I will review some later) that absolute beginners can get a hang of within minutes of playtime. This is not to say they don’t have models catered to more advanced RC helicopter enthusiasts – a full range is available.

 2. They are really durable: Blade RC Helicopters are very sturdily constructed. Many customers have feed backed that their helicopters have survived seemingly serious crashes many times, with little visible damage. Blade RC Helicopter replacement parts are also readily available from most hobby stores, which means that this product is definitely not your ‘throw away’ or ‘one-time-use’ toy helicopter.

3. They fly like real helicopters:  Blade RC helicopters are 4 channel flyers, meaning they can move left/right in addition to up/down, forward/back, and rotate to change heading. The cheaper 3 channel RC helicopters cannot move left/right: you have to rotate to the desired direction before moving forward/backward. To picture how useful this 4th channel (left/right) is, imagine your helicopter getting too close to a wall – you can simply move perpendicularly away from the wall using the 4th channel instead of having to rotate first before moving away.

4. You can fly them indoors:  E-flite is superb at making micro helicopters with coaxial rotors (a pair of helicopter rotors mounted one above the other, with the same axis of rotation, but that turn in opposite directions). Coaxial Blade RC Helicopters are extremely stable and can be flown indoors even in very tight quarters. Of course, the Blade RC Helicopter series also includes non-coaxial models that can fly at higher speeds and are more suitable for outdoor play.

Reviews of Top Blade RC Helicopter Models

The Blade mCX RTF :                                                                                         Blade_RC_Helicopter_mCX RTF(76035)

 The bottom line: This mean little machine is the classic micro Blade RC Helicopter designed for indoor flying. Weighing only 30 grams, it sits comfortably on the palm of your hand. Though it has been around for some time now, the mCX is hard to beat when it comes to the indoor RC helicopter flying experience. 


  • Absolute beginners can master flying this neat little guy in no time
  • Perfect for indoor flying - extremely stable and easy to maneuver      
  • Safe even for younger children


  • Not suitable for flying outdoors in breezy/windy conditions
  • The coaxial rotor design that that give the mCX its remarkable stability also limits it forward and backward speed to about walking pace


Blade_RC_Helicopter_mCX2 RTF

The Blade mCX2 RTF:         

The bottom line: The mCX2 is the successor to the mCX. If you liked the mCX, you will love the mCX2. The mCX2 has a slightly larger body than the mCX, and comes with a couple of tweaks to its design to make it more streamlined. It also comes with extra flashing LED lights that are missing in the mCX. Overall, the mCX2 performs noticeably better than the mCX in terms of control and   landing, and also has the abilty to fly at higher speeds compared to the mCX. Be prepared, however, to pay about 30% more if you want this guy.  


  • The mCX2 has all the pros the mCX has, plus a sharper and more streamlined design, slightly faster forward/backward speed, & flashing LED lights for flying at night or in the dark


  • Like the mCX, the mCX2 is not exactly designed with outdoor flying in mind
  • The mCX2 costs around 30% more than the mCX


The Blade 120 SR BNF: Blade_RC_Helicopter_120 SR BNF

The bottom line: If you had enough of flying your Blade RC Helicopter indoors, and want to venture outside, the Blade 120 SR is the perfect heli for you. Ditching the coaxial rotor for the fixed pitch rotor design, it allows for a much faster flying speed, and ability to fly in windy outdoor conditions. The Blade 120 SR is versatile enough to allow even beginners to pick it up fast, at the same time it is also complex enough to keep experienced RC helicopter pilots engrossed and entertained for many many hours. 


  • Equipped with a 45 degree flybar that makes it one of the most stable fixed pitch rotor RC helicopters available in the market
  • Can fly in winds as high as 15 mph
  • Carbon fiber and plastic parts keep its weight down and minimizes crash damage


  • Not really suitable for indoor flying unless you stay in a large spacious house


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