Could you remember the days before someone invented air conditioners? To cool down you will either use a handmade fan. That is to say you would fold a piece of paper and try to get the air around you moving. If that doesn't work you would drink a lot of water or cold icy water. Then came the day when someone invented the electric fan and you thought, whoa, that is great. Then comes along the air conditioner and you knelt down and thank the lord. Of course you could only have air conditioning at work because it is just too expensive to have one at home. In the year 2009, Dyson brought out another fan that amplifies the air around you. It is a new fan that is supposed to be a revolution in the way we cool off in the heat of the moment. In the summer it is normally hotter and those who could afford it would rather have air condition installed in their homes. The poorer ones will spend about 50 dollars or less on an electric fan. Those conventional fans do look like this:

fan (17495)

What is the purpose of a fan you might ask? It is to cool the air around you. So what is the bladeless fan? As the name implies it doesn't have any rotating blades like most conventional fans have. Does it mean it doesn't move? It does move but it just looks different. Here is a picture of what we are talking about.

dyson bladeless fanIf you were not told it is a fan, you would think it must be one of those scanners you've seen in hospitals. It is not and this machine is what is being touted as the future. It does everything that its cheaper cousins do. It only does it in style. A little more elegant and elegantly priced as well. That is to say this designer bladeless fan will set you back about $300. If you think about what you can do with all that money, you might want to give it a miss. If you live in a part of the world where you only get two days of summer per year, there is no point in spending your hard earned cash on this. Dyson, the company behind the new blade created the fan for the designer gadgets obsessed amongst us.

What does it have going for it? Slick Design and a safe for children.

What does it have against it? The price is just way too high

Should you buy it? If I could afford it, I would buy it just because I would like to show off to my friends.

The Dyson Bladeless fan is like anything with a designer label attached to it. Everyone would love to have one but only the few privileged would have it. Those who couldn't afford it would say it is just a waste of money and the debate would go on and on. I am not against designer products. I am just against the fact that they are always above my budget.