Sometimes the wrong end of the leash gets put to sleep!

Blame the deed and not the breed


Unfortunately there are many humans that are scared of dogs, that however is not the fault of every dog on the planet. Human beings are extremely arrogant in thinking that they have the superior right to decide what species live or die. 

Over the years thugs have had different dog breeds of choice to look good with. As I currently write this and for the last few years the most common is the Muscular short hair breeds, so Pitt Bulls ( which are already illegal to own in the UK, although they do still exist as  I have actually seen a red nose pitt, which I am glad about), Staffordshire Bull Terriers ( both American and English), Rottweilers and English Bull terriers among others are favourites among the "Ne'r do wells". The damage these idiots do to these dog breeds is detrimental to their existence. Some breeds managed to get away with a slight weariness of them, while some are currently battling to avoid culling and bans.

The breeds picked to be "Gang banger's dogs" also hold fabulous values for families, (including wanting to please their humans) which is why they are usually in large numbers. When you add both these facts together, you get an out of odds issue that when you go to rescue homes, they are always full of Staffordshire Bull Terriers in the UK. This isn't as the press and people chasing their demise because they are mean and nasty and people get rid of them. The kennels are full of this breed of dog and their cross breed because irresponsible dog owners see how easy they are to breed and how hardy the Staffy breed is, so they breed them for quick money. Most Staffy litters are quite large and have at least 7 or 8 usually if not more, with Staffy Dams being excellent mothers, not a lot of work for a breeder to do. This means they have been bred in larger numbers than most.

Not a dog's choice!

When Gangs get hold of these breeds they train them to become aggressive and fight. If the dogs are too soft to fight, they simply become fodder for the other dogs to practice on. None of these dogs ask for this, humans make them do this. For every Staffy or Bull breed that has attacked someone, there are hundreds that have been ripped to shreds by other breeds in fighting rings, because they were gentle and did not want to fight.

Very rarely does the human on the end of the leash ever get prosecuted as if the human can get away with it, they will avoid admitting a dog is theirs if they attack. Dogs, whatever their breed are not born that way, humans make them that way. 

Myths about Bull breed dogs


Bull breeds lock their jaw when they bite

There have been extensive tests regarding this particular myth, which is easily debunked by the fact that the Bull Breed has no different mechanisms to the skull, mandibles or teeth to that of any other breed of dog. It is utter fallacy brought about the Bull breeds sheer strength and determination.

All Bull breeds have an aggressive instinct and are born nasty

Bull breeds had a passing rate of 82% on a Temperament test conducted by the American Temperament Test society. The over all pass rate for dogs of other breeds is only 77%, so they are friendlier than the average if anything.oh the irony.

A Bull that goes for an animal will attack a human also

This is simply too incorrect as not only does the Bull Breed see animals as something to instinctively attack, so do any working dogs. My mother breeds English Springer Spaniels and they are forever coming in with their chests blood red from killing a pheasant, grouse or rabbit. Greyhounds, Beagles, Jack Russells and Foxhounds will also hunt what they have been bred to kill.

Whatever damage has been done to the reputation of some breeds of dogs, it is down to the humans and not the dogs themselves. Would humans raise Lions and then wonder why they had an instinct to protect and attack? Yet people think they can take an animal that is related to the wolf and mistreat them. The fact that some dogs go in to attack mode is nothing to do with their breed and so much to do with the fact that most humans really don't take the time to understand dogs at all. According to The American humane association, most attacks are on children under 10 years old, which I feel shows that there are warning signs being missed and boundaries being crossed because of lack of teaching. There are certain things you must teach children about dogs, such as not to stare in to their face, not to disturb them when they are sleeping. I have seen children being very rough with animals and it is something I have always instilled in my own children, that you have to treat animals correctly.

A dangerous dog is an individual dangerous dog

Cute Staffy Puppy

For every person who can state they have seen a really aggressive Pitt bull or German Shepherd, there are likely more that can state they have a docile and loving Pitt bull or German Shepherd, etc.  When a dog kicks off it is not because of its genetics, it is because a human did not see a warning sign, or worse, a human has mistreated the dog so much that it has mentally damaged that individual dog. I guess dogs have the same ignorance as some humans, so if a human mistreats them, they think all humans will mistreat them, so they will attack, even if you are not the one who mistreated them.

You can argue all day about which breed is the most aggressive through statistics, then there is the factor of even if they are aggressive by nature are they strong enough to cause destruction? The point is that dogs are animals, they need to be respected and be trained correctly. Humans need to think before culling whole breeds because they fear them, as that seemse totally unfair. How can we ask for culling of a dog breed and then go to save the Tiger or Gorilla? 

What we should be doing is making it mandatory that children are taught how to act around dogs, also how to look after their dogs. There also needs to be an investigation in to how we can better monitor who owns dogs, as some people really aren't fit to own pets at all.

There are many of these dogs that are victims of humans.

When are the humans going to get the blame instead of the dogs?