Will I Get Hired Filling Out An Online Job Application?

While it is easy and simple to fill out a job application online, it may not be the best way to find a job. Let's face it, times are hard, the unemployment rate is high and people everywhere are looking for gainful employment.  To give you an idea of how bad things are, people with graduate degrees are taking job that barely requires a college or highschool diploma because jobs are just so scarce.

Filling out an online application to Sears, Wal-Mart, Kmart, Kroger, KFC and other reputable companies is not a bad thing, you can go ahead and do so but to be competitive you should ALSO do the following:


Look up the Franchise You Want To Apply To In Your Area

Do your research. There are franchises in every state and most cities. If there is not a franchise is your particular city, then there is usually not one far from where you live, perhaps in a neighboring city or state.  Look up the franchise's address and telephone number and give them a call. Make sure you sound professional while on the telephone. Do not have screaming children and loud background noises while you are on the telephone. You can look online at the job application site to see what positions they are hiring for. You can also call ahead of time and ask about the opened positions before you call again to introduce yourself and ask to speak with a Manager.


Ask To Be Connected To The Floor Manager (Or  Hiring Manager)

When you call the franchise, ask to speak with a Manager. Just say, "Good morning, My name is ___________, may I speak with the floor manager please?" Sometimes you may be asked what the nature of the call is. You can be honest an say you are inquiring about open positions and wish to speak with the floor manager or hiring manager personally or you can say "it's a personal business matter." When you speak to the manager tell him your name and just briefly that you would like to come in and fill out a job application for a specific opened position. By this time you should have researched which positions are opened at that location and which one you are interested in.  If you are given someone in Human Resources, there is usually a Human Resources Representative who is responsible for that job, you would address that person the same way as you would a hiring manager at a franchise.


Prepare Your Resume

This is VERY important. Make sure you prepare your resume.  If you do not have a computer, you can get a library card and use the library system for free. If there is a college or university in your area, you can usually use their library for free. Make sure you have you resume in order before you go to meet with the manager.


Dress Nicely and Go Speak With The Manager Directly

Even though you are only filling out an application, make sure you dress professionally. Most likely you will see the person you will interview with so make a good first impression.  Your resume will guide you as you fill out the application, but also make sure that you attach the resume to your application.  This adds an extra degree of professionalism.


Ask For the Manager's Phone Number To Follow Up With Him Or Her

Ask for a contact phone number of the hiring manager or the Human Resources representative responsible for the position or positions you are applying for.  This is very important because following up is an important step to getting a job.


Make Sure You Follow Up

Call about 4 to 7 days after you have filled out the application to follow up and ask for an interview.  They will either set up an interview with you or tell you that they are still reviewing applications.  Call every 4 to 7 days until you get a definite answer. This is enough time to make sure they know that you are serious without you seeming as if you are harassing them. Always be kind and professional when you call. 


Look Out For Job Fairs

Often, these places will have job fairs. Places like Wal-Mart, Sears, Local Hospitals and Local Fast Food places will have job fairs where you can go and meet with key people to arrange interviews.  Job fairs are usually a very good place to get an interview on the spot or a definite appointment for an interview.

Filling out online job applications is not a bad thing, just make sure your are doing more than that. You have so much competition that it is best to make sure that you stand apart from the crowd. Good luck in your search.

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