Ideas for Writer's Block

Writing is your passion and most of the time the words and ideas just start flowing faster than those typing fingers can keep up. Oh, but sometimes, you are just sitting there staring hopelessly at a blank page. You think, but nothing comes to mind. You get up and go watch TV, and you think, what a waste of working time. You sit back down in front of your computer, open up word, and then you sit there and your mind wonders as you gaze at a blank page. Ugh, look at the opportunity of eight hours slipping away. Time that you will never get back. How do you get rid of blank page syndrome? Here are some way to get back on track.


1. Magazines and Newspapers - I get the Sunday paper religiously for the coupons, but I will often look through it, and I always find one or two articles that inspire me to write a future article. I pull these pages out and I keep a stack of them. When I have blank page syndrome, I refer to theme. I do the same thing with magazines. I have a collection of travel magazines that stored for the day that I get to travel, however, they are filled with advice on packing, travel tips, place to visit, etc. This is great for those days that you can think of absolutely nothing to write about at all and are left staring at a blank page.

2. Lorelle on Wordpress - Blogging Tips - Hundreds of Resources For Finding Content For Your Blog.  This is an exhaustive list of resources for great content that is grouped into ten different categories. If you can’t find inspiration here, then you haven’t looked.

3. This is a fantastic site that is a news aggregator for the latest web buzz. Every section is on one page with the top searched content on the web at the moment for each site. Look over this list quickly and you will find something that sparks the imagination without spending the whole day looking.

4. Use We Book. This is displayed like a telephone pad. All you do to use this phone is push a number for an idea, and you will get plenty. You can find this site very entertaining too. If you don’t find anything in the results that tickles your fancy just arrow over for another suggestion.


 5. Get an idea, write it down. - This is very important step in keeping endless ideas at your fingertips and avoiding blank page syndrome. Just the other day I had been suffering from writers block and then I got about seven ideas, so proud of myself I went casually about my day. The next day I sat down to write, and remembered my first idea. I wrote the article very quickly and thought this will be a productive day. Then I spent the next few hours trying to remember the other six wonderful ideas, but they were filed away somewhere in the rolodex of my brain never to resurface again. Don’t let this happen to you.

6. An Event in Your Life - Think about something interesting that you have done and get inspired. I have been to an air show, so I could write about The Fabulous Thunderbirds or the Blue Angels. I have been camping, so I could write about tents, campsites, hiking trails, or the best foods to carry on the trip. Take something as simple as cleaning the house to find inspiration. If you stop to vacuum, then write on what brands are the best vacuum cleaners and why you feel this way. See how easily you can find topics to write about when all you think you have in front of you is a blank page.

Other Peoples Ideas

 7. Get inspired by others. If writers block is killing you, then go check out other peoples articles, blogs, and forum post. There are many people writing all of the time with interesting topics and styles that can spark the imagination. You can become quickly inspired and interested in completely new ideas that you have never even thought of before. Not only can you come up with ideas to fill up that blank page, but you can usually learn something new in the process.


 8. You may have heard of Google’s Wonder Wheel. Try using this for new ideas about old topics that you have already written. You can spend a little time for a lot of results instead of staring at a blank page.

9. Search Engines - Pull up different search engines, close your eyes, and type random letters into the query box. Make sure that instant is turned on. You will be amazed at all of the different results that are laid out for the taking. Try this you will find an interesting way to create new content. It is super fun too.

Nothing Helps, Now What?

10. So, you have tried all of these suggestions, but that stark white blank page is still there. If you are still stumped and can not find anything that interest you, then spend time on promoting your work. If writing is your job, then treat it as such. Take this time to network, learn more about your trade, and promoting your work. Even if you can’t write for the day, you can still make money spreading what you have written around the internet. There are many things to learn about writing and no one knows them all, so get online and learn from successful bloggers and article writers. Spend the day tweaking older post or articles that are not optimized and make them work to your advantage.

Just because you have a blank page staring back out you doesn’t mean your whole day of work has to be a bust. Listed above are many avenues for getting beyond writer’s block if you just apply them. When nothing at all helps, then work on learning new thing, fixing old things, promoting what you have done, and networking with your peers. Just remember that any brick and mortar company has vacation days and maybe your up for one. If this is the case, then remember that this is one of the reasons that you chose writing, you get paid even when you are on vacation!

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