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Blank sticker albums for kids are the best way to develop their creativity. You can start letting your kids make blank sticker albums at the age of five. You can just buy the materials and let your kid develop the talent in creative work or buy an album that he or he likes.

Buy a Sticker Album for Kids

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Sticker albums are sold in the market. You can go to your favorite mall, go to the bookstore or to the school supplies department and ask for any blank sticker album sold in their store. Bring your child along with you when buying the album sticker so you can make sure that your child or children will like it. There are different themes of sticker albums sold in the market. Most girls like themes such Disney characters, Barbie, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Sesame Street, and Power Puff Girls themes. Most boys, on the other hand, like themes such as Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Transformers, Marvel Heroes, Justice League, and other action characters. Other popular themes are Spongebob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer, and Garfield. Although you can’t spend bonding time with you child by buying the sticker album from the store, you always spend quality time with your child from making the pages and sticking the pictures and stickers. You can also buy sticker albums from the internet through online shopping and also buy the additional designs for the album to make it more beautiful and to develop the child’s creativity.

Make a Blank Sticker Album for Kids

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Blank sticker albums for kids are very easy to make. You can improvise in making a sticker album to avoid spending so much money. You can buy plastic transparent sheets where you can just insert the pictures or papers where you attach the pictures into the transparent sheets. You may also want to ask your child on the motif of the sticker album so you can buy the appropriate stickers and paraphernalia for their sticker album cover. Using plastic sheets in making the blank sticker albums would be sturdier and less susceptible from getting wet. Although you can also have different improvisation form making the album, you can have different colored bond papers as pages and others. Recycling any used magazines or brochures would also look nice and avoiding spending too much. You can also spend some quality time and bonding with your child from making a blank sticker album – this is the gist of making a blank sticker album with your kids.

Important Purpose


Buying or making blank sticker albums for kids is something that would greatly help develop children’s imagination and creativity. This way, the child can divert his attention to a productive and helpful activity for his growth and development, rather than letting him discover on his own which might be dangerous for him if you can’t supervise your child all the time. The activity of making the album will provide opportunity for the parents and children to get closes and bond with each other that will eventually result to a harmonious family – spending time with family is the best leisure for a child and for the parents as well.


A child in his or her five years of age will start his imaginative and creative thinking. The child starts to invent stuff and try to do things within his or her curiosity. They usually say that a child invent more than the known inventors of the past. They start testing things and doing things that catches their attention and piques their interests.

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In five years of age, it would be better for you parent or caregiver to let your child develop his imagination and creativity. Creativity is also continuously developed throughout school age and beyond. This will also help keep a record of the child’s growth. This activity, completing a blank sticker album is not just for kids, you as a parent or teenager can also do this to prevent mind creativity degeneration – it’s not too late.