So you have just moved into your first apartment, or maybe a house or maybe you are renovating a room and just finished painting, and now are looking at some plain walls.  If you are looking for some blank wall ideas, or something to really make the room pop or to simply add your personality, here are a few “decorating on the cheap” ideas that are fun to create, fun to look for and will give your wall some pizzazz without breaking the budget.  These ideas also work on walls that maybe are not in the best condition.  A perfect way to hide the imperfections!

It is a warm feeling to enter a room and feel the personality from something creative and personal on the walls,  something just a little different for all to see.  Try to stay away from that one lonely little picture on the wall as it will just not get the attention it deserves.   If you have a large art piece that would be fun, but if you are scratching your head looking for ideas that don’t cost too much then check out the ideas below.

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Your Own Photographs – Framed – I don’t mean all those school photos of your kids, but that is a good idea too, but those pictures you took with your camera or iphone or tablet and now sit on your hard drive or still in your phone.  I am sure you have tons of them, and they are just waiting to escape and be seen on the walls by all.   You could tweak them and enlarge them and have fun with them.  I always found photos that are not “posed” actually just random,  work really nice in frames and on a wall.  When grouped together they become your “art”.

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A great way to really give a wall some personality is to create a theme.  So, if you have lots of pictures of nature, or your dog or cat doing silly things or landscapes or bugs or fence posts, or simply anything that makes you smile, then head to your local photography store and get them printed in a larger size. You can simply walk in with your phone and they will show you how to get them off your phone and print them or do it for you.   Or you can print them yourself if you have good quality photo paper and edit them until you like the look. 

Next, you need to find frames.  I personally love the idea of black frames, as it just makes a photograph pop especially if you use a mat.  Now if you are thinking that frames are really expensive, there are options for finding inexpensive frames.  You could get them in many different sizes and group them together like a collage of frames for that blank wall.

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You can go to your local Wal-mart and find framed prints and take the prints out, as many times they will have these on sale, depending on the size you would like.   A grouping of “like” frames looks awesome on the wall.

You can also shop for many items online, this way you have way more to choose from, and Amazon carries groups of frames that are affordable.  If you have a large wall to fill, you don’t have to use a large picture frame, you can simply group them all together, and if you have a theme for your pictures this will look totally awesome and give your room personality.

Thrift Store – This is a great source for picture frames too.  Look for good wooden frames with the glass still in place, and don’t worry about the colour because you can change that yourself in a heartbeat with a good quality black gloss paint.  This way it looks like you purchased expensive black frames.  This is a great way to “reuse” and you could get all different textures of frames but paint them all black.

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Dollar Store – If you want smaller frames, then the dollar store has lots of frames too.  You could get unfinished wooden ones from their art section or ready to go frames literally for a dollar.  Just don’t think you are stuck purchasing expensive frames from the photography store, there are many options. 

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Group the Frames Together – This gives the wall character.  Small frames on the walls by themselves don’t get the attention, but if you group them together as you can see in the examples above, they look like works of art and will get the attention they deserve.  When you are entertaining, your guests will be drawn to check out this work of art.  It could be all photographs or some art of or anything.

Framed Wallpaper – If you don’t have any photographs that you would like to print or get printed, but love retro wall paper, then you could head to the decorating store and see if you can get some samples of wallpaper, but another really cool idea is to head to the thrift stores and find old rolls of wallpaper, then flatten them out and frame them to add some fun to your space.

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Framed Vintage Fabrics – You could find these at garage sales, or thrift stores, or even take something you have from your granny that has seen better days and instead of stuffing it away in a drawer, why not frame the fabric?  You could then see it every day.

Inspirational Wall Sayings – If you just don’t really like the idea of a framed collage whether pictures, fabric or wallpaper, but want something a bit more inspirational, then check out the vinyl peel and stick sayings you can add to your wall.  There are many to choose from but I love the one above.  It is a great way to fill up a wall without overdoing it, and gives you a lift. 

You can get these online for quite cheap and have them delivered to you and ready to go.  I have seen them in department stores, but the collection of inspirational sayings and designs are in a large quantity and variety online.

Now go and get creative!