Bleeding hemorrhoids are extremely unpleasant and is a condition that is sometimes accompanied with other symptoms like further irritation and burning.

A cavity exists within the anus which has tissues that fill out with blood and aid in regular bowel movements; external pressure to this cavity can cause irritation to the tissue and can eventually bleeding can occur. This type of bleeding which is often referred to as bleeding hemorrhoids does have its cures, but the results are different for every person. The most common cause for bleeding hemorrhoids is a hardened stool, which irritates the anal canal's inner walls; such irritation can provoke swelling but hemorrhoids can be prevented to some degree if you consume enough fiber. Eating enough fiber can help you maintain a lose stool and prevent any irritation in your anal walls.

For most, a hemorrhoid is a fairly minor incident which most commonly disappears within a few days, sometimes a week. However, just to be safe, having a doctor examine the are is the best thing you can do to ensure the hemorrhoid is not a more serious problem such as colon cancer.

Only in extreme cases do bleeding hemorrhoids ever require surgery; most commonly, a doctor just ties off the hemorrhoid using a special rubber band or relieves pressure using a special procedure.

There are no pain receptors whatsoever within the anal canal so you might have hemorrhoids and not exhibit any of the pain symptoms so you should check your stool for any signs of blood. You should also check the toilet paper you use for any blood. However, if there is any blood present there is no need to panic - there are various other reasons why there might be blood present in your stool, like constant stress.

You can also use other medications that are available to treat hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoid treatments range from off-the-shelf hemorrhoid creams to natural remedies; however, most natural treatments are usually very effective.

Indeed, there are many methods used to eliminate bleeding hemroids -- if you suffer from them, then do a bit of research and familiarize yourself on the subject. You should keep an eye open for hemorrhoid treatments that can be found online - many existing companies have effective methods of quickly eliminating hemorrhoids - it really is inevitable for you to stumble upon a good treatment. Make sure you investigate on many websites about hemorrhoid treatments prior to making any sort of decision about the kind of treatment you will pursue.