Have you heard about the savings offered with blemished ATV tires? If you are a four wheeler enthusiast, you have to know about the money you could be saving, even when you look to buy super swampers! It's true, when you look at blems, some people wonder how safe they can be to buy for a four wheeler, which in many cases, can travel well over 70 miles per hour. Let's take a quick look at blemished ATV tires, and figure just what the blems are.

Cosmetic Blems:

Those looking at blemished, cheap ATV tires, will most likely want to know exactly what types of things can make the wheels fall into this category. Most will be happy to know, generally speaking, the issues are purely cosmetic. This will often include issues with the lettering on the sidewalls. Perhaps the lettering of the manufacturer is slightly off or discolored. In some cases, any white areas could have black showing through, so they are imperfect. When you try to buy blemished, discount ATV tires, you may not even be able to find the imperfection, even if you look really hard for the blem! You will find huge discounts when you are willing to accept a cosmetic imperfection that nobody will probably ever notice!

Common Marketing Ploys:

I've read many times over that selling cheap ATV tires, and calling them blemished, or blems, is a great marketing ploy used by smart manufacturers. In fact, I've read that many will label all of them this way, even when there is no cosmetic damage, in an attempt to sell higher volume. This means that you may actually be buying a discount ATV tire that isn't blemished in any way at all, but simply labeled as a blem to spur sales. There's nothing wrong with getting some new super swampers, or mud lites that have no flaws at all, at a greatly discounted price.


Warranty Concerns?

In many cases, the blemished ATV tires you buy will have the full warranty from the manufacturer. This is generally pretty important to keep in mind for many buyers. If you can be a cheaper product, with the high quality standards you are accustomed to, and get a full warranty, it only makes sense to buy them! Of course, this could vary a little bit by manufacturer and seller, so be sure to read the fine print carefully.

Are There Safety Concerns?

You should be able to purchase your new blemished ATV tires with confidence. Since manufactures would risk serious liability if they sold them with any sort of structural damage, which would make them unsafe, you should be able to purchase knowing you will still have a safe ride. When you buy cheap ATV tires that are blemished, you will still have a structurally sound product. Cosmetic blems will not make the blemished ATV tires unsafe when riding a four wheeler on the trails or in the woods.

Where Should I Buy Blems?

You can buy blemished ATV tires in tons of different places. Since virtually all manufacturers will have imperfect lots that are produced from time to time, you can really get them in tons of places. Here aer just a few places to consider as you look for a bargain.

Online sites: There are tons of online sites dedicated solely to selling blemished, cheap ATV tires. Some of the more popular sites will include nebraskatire.com and intercotire.com. You should look at other online sites, too. You will have no problem finding plenty of completion, so you can buy blemished ATV tires from a seller you are comfortable with.

Other online sources: Other online sites like eBay or Amazon offer a great chance to save some real money on your purchase. Since you will have plenty of sellers competing for your business, you can be pretty selective and make sure you get the right set blemished ATV tires.


Direct: You may be able to buy factory blemished ATV tires directly from the manufacturer. You can eliminate the middle man this way, and get the straight scoop on warranty information. When you buy direct, you may even be able to save shipping costs, and have the product shipped to a local authorized seller in your area. This can mean huge savings for you.

Local stores: Online sellers aren't the only ones acting as a middle man. Local stores will occasionally sell very cheap ATV tires labeled as blemished, or blems. It may be wise to simply make a few phone calls and find out if the store in your area sells them or not, rather than waste time and gas driving around.

Using Caution:

When you look to buy blemished ATV tires, you will really want to make sure you do a thorough comparison of the products you are considering. Why buy a flawed product, just because it's marked as a blem, from an unknown manufacturer, unless the price is substantially less. You should really use some caution to make sure you buy blemished ATV tires from reputable sellers, and reputable manufacturers.

In addition, when you look at getting blemished, cheap ATV tires from an online seller, you may want to pay close attention to shipping charges. Charges for shipping will add a lot of money to the overall purchase price of the blem four wheeler wheels. Try to compare the entire cost, not just the purchase price before you place your order.

When you buy online on sites like eBay, you should also pay special attention to buy from a good seller. Be sure to check out the feedback score before you make your blemished ATV tires purchase. This can save you some hassle down the road. Using appropriate caution always makes good sense.

Notice: You will occasionally find sellers offering seconds with their blemished ATV tires. These are not the same. They are basically used, in most cases. In some instances, they may have only been mounted on a rim and then removed for some reason. Use caution if you see a seller that lumps them both together.

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