A Step Up From the Traditional Shaker Cup

I came across the BlenderBottle when watching the Dr. Oz show.  I didn't catch much of the back-story, but they were demonstrating products that help with a healthy lifestyle.  They seemed like a great idea.  I occasionally make whey protein drinks using a shaker cup, and have a hard time getting the powder to mix well the water.  I went online to see if anyone else had tried this product, to see if it really worked well or not.  Most of the comments I read were positive, so I went out in search of the BlenderBottle.

How it Works
The BlenderBottle looks like a normal beverage shaker; it's just a large cup with a removable top, which also has a flip cap.  Inside the bottle is what's known as the BlenderBall.  It's made from 316-grade (surgical grade) stainless steel and electro polished to remove any impurities.  How it works is you add all of the ingredients that you want to mix together.  Then all you do is attach the lid and shake.  The BlenderBall mixes up all of the ingredients, so you don't have any chunks in the mixture.  It definitely worked a lot better than my normal shaker cup.

There are many uses for the BlenderBottle, but so far I've only used it to make smoothies.  I usually add some type of milk (skim, almond, soy) with protein powder or yogurt.  When I used a regular bottle to make protein drinks, it was hard to get all the chunks broken up.  Also, I'd usually put it in the fridge for a while, so it was nice and cold when I wanted it.  There'd always be a thick layer of the protein powder on the top once I let it sit, so I'd have to shake it up again before drinking it.  I haven't had that problem with the Blender Bottle.  I'm impressed at how well everything mixes together.  This product isn't an actual blender though; you can't add fruits or other whole foods in and expect them to get mixed up.  I added blueberries to the first smoothie I tried making and they just ended up at the bottom.  It was a worth a shot though.

Other uses that I've heard of, but haven't personally tried, is mixing pancake batter, sauces, eggs (for omelet’s or scrambled eggs), and pudding.  I have eggs every morning for breakfast, so that's one that I definitely plan on trying out.  Doing the egg mixture the night before will be a good time saver in the morning.  Also, you're not supposed to mix hot liquids.  Apparently the pressure might build up within the bottle and cause the flip top to open unexpectedly.  Luckily I hadn't tried mixing and hot liquids yet.

The BlenderBottle comes in a couple different sizes.  There's the original 28 oz., the mini 20 oz., and the 28 oz. Sport Mixer.  The Sport Mixers come in many different colors, whereas the originals are a clear bottle with a colored top.  They're all dishwasher safe (BlenderBall included).  I bought one of the mini 20 oz. bottles and a Sport Mixer.  The 20 oz. bottle has been large enough for anything that I've made. Plus it fights nice in the dishwasher.  I've used the Sport Mixer a couple times, but mainly when my other one is in the dishwasher.  I don't really need a 28 oz. smoothie, but it works just as well.  They do look better than the original BlenderBottles too.

I'd recommend the BlenderBottle to anyone who's looking to mix drinks, where a regular shaker cup doesn't quite do the trick.  I've mainly used to it make protein drinks and smoothies, and it's worked much better than my regular shaker cup.  As I mentioned earlier, the BlenderBottle has other uses as well, but I haven't tried them out yet.  Also, you can find them at Amazon.com. for around $8.  The Sport Mixers are $15.