I was not particularly looking for a blender but it was the write up and the recommendation by the magazine Green For Life that made be curious about the Blendtec Home TB-621-BHM 1500 Watt Total Blender. Once I heard the name Blendtec, it rang a bell immediately and just to confirm whether this is the same blender that is used in the coffee shop and juice stalls, I called the customer care service. This turned out to be true and actually this model is designed specifically for home use. It gives you the same output as the commercial one with ease of use. As the name suggests, this is truly the Professional's Choice and anyone who is seriously concerned about buying one of the best blenders on the market should not neglect this gadget.

Even before looking into the features, my eyes were fixed on the $590 price tag and I almost dropped the idea of buying this as my Vitamix was live and kicking without any issues. But one thing that held me back was the all in one feature. Wondering what I am speaking about? Yeah, this is an ideal Total Blender and the versatile Blendtec Home can be used as a substitute to grain mill, juicer, ice cream maker, blender, bread machine, milk shake maker, smoothie machine, ice crusher and coffee grinder. Don't you think now it is worth the big price? Let me tell you that all these functions are not for names sake and I have virtually tried the Blendtec Home for all the stated uses and it turned out to be really functional. In fact, if you go out buying each of these appliances separately, they not only cost you more and this multipurpose blender saves all that space.

Further, the Blendtec Home is no child's play and the seriousness of the design and the power of the machine is corroborated by the fact that this 15000 watt blender is driven by a 3 HP direct drive motor. This is more than enough to convince you the efficiency of the unit. Not just that, the patented 2 prong unique stainless steel blade rotates at a startling 29000 rpm and can shear through and grind any of the ingredients to make a smooth paste without any lumps. The best part is that the Blendtec runs on Smart Touch Technology and this advanced blender does not require monitoring it continuously as it works based on the programmed settings and gets automatically switched off once the work is done. This feature avoids any need of guess work and every time you get the same best results.

Measuring about 12x10x 20, this is not bulky and as a matter of fact performs a zillion times more than the usual size to power ratio. The large 32 ounce square transparent jar design, tight fitting lid without any leeks and ergonomic handle makes it user friendly. I would highly recommend this to all the health conscious guys who are looking for a blender to grind greens as this can handle even keel, avocado, berries and banana to smooth batter like form without any sticky left overs. You can't find any peel, pith or seeds and the maximum amount of juice is extracted without wasting natural nutrients in fruits and veggies in the filtrate. I wish this came with an enclosure to control the amount of noise it makes and also a retractable cord.