Bless the child with the name

Indian Baby Names

The birth of a baby is believed to be a new birth for both the parents of the newly born baby. In the beginning of the journey of the child in this enlighten world, the kid should be blessed with a new identity by giving a name to it. While naming the child, we should remember that the name should be such that makes him stand out in the huge crowd. In India people follow certain rituals while naming the child, especially through performance of Namkarana ceremony. The ceremony should be performed in such a manner so that the baby is bestowed with blessings of god.

We all prefer to give popular baby names to our child which will help them making a good identity in the society. So while naming a child we need to keep in mind the following parameters:

Freshness of unique quality: If the name given to the child resembles some famous and renowned person of any modern or Pauranic period the baby will be fast recognized in the society. So popular baby names plays an important role in creating the space for the child .The name should be unique, soothing to hear and good to pronounce. Blend your child name with common and unique name as this will make his life easier in both school and in the workplace in later part of the life.

The Heritage of India: Religion plays a vital role in naming a child. Especially in some parts of India naming is based on religious guidelines. In this regard Tamil baby names are given to child mostly based on God name or upon any religious identity. While you chose a baby name for your kid, but you find that the name traditionally doesn't suit to your baby's future. Tamil Nadu is believed to be the place of God, and the people over there are very religious in nature. So a short survey on it will reveal that Tamil baby names are mostly centers round religious activity or on all mighty gods. Prefer to give a name which resembles both the presence of God and is equally modern too.

Astrological Parameter: With the advancement of astrological science, people started preferring giving baby names based on Birth star, Month of Birth. Astrologically the name is given to the child so that the kid's future is blessed with the power of the Nakshatras in the heaven. The base ground of astrology is India is South India. The Tamil baby names are also given after taking advice from the Pandit or an astrologer.

 Names Based on memories: Avoid giving any name to a child which carries any bad memories of the past. On the other hand you can give a suitable name based on sweet memories and person whom you prefer and admire in life. You will feel good when people will call your child with the name.
Help of internet: In certain situation the parents get confused about the name to be to their child. Take help of the web directories with list of good names and choose the best one out as per you and partner and bless your child with that name.

Numerology: Numerology another developed science which can help you in finding the initial of the names of your child which can bring success to your baby in the future life.

 Bless your child with a suitable name taking help of any of the parameters mentioned. It is the name which gives a unique identity to your child in the society and makes you proud for being the parent of the child.