In Warhammer, Blighted Isle is the most important of all islands making up the provinces that made up the once sprawling kingdoms called Ulthuan.

This isle's importance comes from the fact that after a catastrophic engineered civil war which was known famously as Sundering, some terrible energy that was magical in nature were unleashed squarely upon the Ulthuan kingdoms.

This then catapulted lots of cataclysmic earthquakes as well as the kingdoms being swallowed almost to extinction by the raging ocean waters. Blighted Isle is so important since it is during the important Age of Reckoning when the Dark Elvesí begin the Ulthuan invasion.

Much of the isle is far from the domain of the High Elf's capital hold called Lothern. Blighted Isle is highly prized by Dark Elves simply because it is the place where the one and only altar of the mighty Khaine is situated.

On top of the black stones, harmonized by great ziggurat, rests Khaineís sword that is held in a place called the Widow maker. This sword is able to call upon the wills of Dark Elves as well as High since the only thing in its mind is simply to spill blood again, all courtesy of the Murder Lord.

This therefore sets the mood for the battle for the conquest of the Blighted Isle sooner than Lord Uthorin together with his colleague Witch King expect. However, they do this in total disregard of Kiní wisdom, their high and trusted Elf.

In this background of safeguarding Blighted Isle and the whole of Ulthuan in total, the Phoenix King appoints Ulthuanís mighty warrior Tyrion and his brother Teclis to be the joint stewards of the kingdom of Ulthuan.

The King Finubar commands Tyrion to gather skilled warriors from the kingdom to form an army for the protection of Ulthuan from the surging opportunistic evil warriors called the Dark Elves.

This mighty and shiny Guard has no choice but to defend Ulthuan against the surging enemies while the kingdomís soldiers have gone away westwards.

Now, the threat on Blighted Isle has come ashore. It is then crystal clear that the war about to start is not circumstantial or coincidental. It is only the High Elves who are able to see the malicious and ugly cunning in the depth of the unfolding events. They have to keep their formerly exiled brethren from Khaineís sword as well as the throne of Phoenix.

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