BlizzCon 2013

BlizzCon is an annual convention held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California.  Since 2005, Blizzard has held their convention here and unveiled major gaming announcements.  There is one notable exception.  In 2012 and 2006, BlizzCon was not held.  Each year that the convention is held it is flocked by thousands of Blizzard fans and tickets usually sell out in minutes.  This convention has become a mecca for Blizzard fans.  So what is in store for BlizzCon 2013?   Well before we can answer that we should take a look at what happened in previous years.

2005:  The Burning Crusade was announced

2006:  No convention

2007:  Wrath of the Lich King was announced

2008:  Starcraft II and Diablo III announcements

2009:  Cataclysm announcement

2010:  Diablo III class announcements

2011:  Mists of Pandaria announcement

2012:  No convention

2013:  ?

It should be made clear at this point that BlizzCon conventions are not just places where new games are announced.  This happens, but the convention also hosts competitions, Q & A panels, lore panels, beta testing, and product testing.  It is also an open convention that anyone can attend -if you have bought a ticket.  However, the biggest pull for fans is gaming announcements.  So what will happen in 2013?  

Current Franchises

BlizzCon will be held November 8-9th and it is expected that during these two days there will be several new announcements for the Blizzard franchises.  Before we examine what these possible november announcements are let's look at what the current gaming franchises are.  

HearthstoneCredit: Google ImagesHearthstone:  Hearthstone is a new Blizzard product that is being rolled out as we speak.  It is currently in beta testing and that means in four to eight months it should be released.  Heathstone is going to be an online card game based around the popular World of Warcraft franchise.  Basically you will collect a deck of cards and battle opponents in one vs one deck battles from your computer.

 Reaper of SoulsCredit: Google ImagesDiablo 3:  Diablo 3 is about to get a whole lot bigger with the nex expansion Reaper of Souls which is expected to launch in 2014.  However, there is no confirmed launch date.  The game is expected to overhaul the loot system and improve dungeon crawling.  It will also introduce a new class, the crusader.  Recent announcements also show that Blizzard is ready to remove real money auction houses which will improve the economy of Diablo and make the game better for it.  

Starcraft IICredit: Google ImagesStarcraft II:  The Starcraft franchise has grown since the first sequel game launched in 2010.   Blizzard has planned three Starcraft II games.  The first was launched in 2010, the second in 2013, and the final should be around in the next year or so.  There has been little concrete information about the next sequel, titled Legacy of the Void, so BlizzCon may be a good place to showcase it.

WarcraftCredit: Google ImagesWarcraft:  World of Warcraft is Blizzard's cashcow.  They make millions of dollars monthy off of this game and since it is a theme park MMORPG it is important to provide updates to it.  Since Mists of Pandaria is ending with the siege of Orgimmar patch it will be important to roll out a new expansion in 2014 to keep fans happy. 

Warcraft Movie:  There is also news that a Warcraft movie is brewing.  There is nothing known about the movie other than it has a release date for 2015.  Blizzard may unveil an early trailer or give a synopsis to what it is about.  

Big Announcements

As we have examined so far in this article announcements are key for BlizzCon and I expect that BlizzCon 2013 will make a few headlines.  It is likely that we will see a trailer for a new World of Warcraft expansion.  It is also likely that there will be Hearthstone and Diablo 3:  Reaper of Souls launch announcements.  Finally, there is always a mystery to BlizzCon.  For years they have been working on a top-secret MMO that is designed to replace World of Warcraft.  This MMORPG is codenamed Project Titan.  It is possible that they could release details or officially announce Project Titan.  

November 8th and 9th can't come soon enough!

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